About Me: Gender & HIV/Aids activist. I am extremely passionate about my work and continue to enjoy the challenges that make the causes better for women and girls especially. I am seeking opportunities to express women on a safe platform and be heard on gender equality issues. I want to be able to voice these concern freely without judgement or harm for that matter. In South Africa we are only starting to see strides within the spheres of equality and in such a male-dominated society we hope to have more voices of women being participatory and heard. HIV/ Aids continues to ravage societies and mostly women carry the burden and responsibilities of the disease. Change must come and I for one look into making that impact a day at a time and raise women' voices in supporting their rights and being members of society with out the gender biased matters that take presidency in most decisions when hearing women's voices or their presence.

My Passions: Gender equality and reproductive health-women

My Challenges: Lack of many silenced voices of women who can not show their faces due to intimidation and victimization.

My Vision for the Future: Equality and freedom of expression for women of the world

My Areas of Expertise: Gender & Media, HIV/Aids

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