Today was my first day as an Intern in a leading multinational business house. With shaky heart, I entered the office. Everyone seemed extremely busy. I kept wondering how I was going to fit with the stream of this busy work-life. Again, being the only lady in the whole office added more unease to my already stressed mind. But after half an hour, all my worries were completely wiped out. The warm welcome and friendly approaches from my colleagues made my first day at work a really comfortable one. I am lucky that my education has made me work among a highly sophisticated class of people. But in Bangladesh, very few girls are fortunate like me. The millions of low-profile female employees encounter harassments by their male co-workers everyday. Sometimes, these aggravations take extremely violent forms making the women’s lives more measurable. Often, these distressed women try to find refuge by committing suicide. Though the stalkers get arrested, but somehow they manage to get bailouts easily by exploiting the governmental loopholes. I wish our government had more strongly addressed this issue. Again, I wish every woman, whether she is working as an executive or as a cleaner, got the same respect from her surrounding male recruits.

--- Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury ---