I often ask myself what it takes to be a good woman. I see my mom, I see my aunts, I see my sister, I see my friends... I see myself. We all are women but our thoughts are so different! My mom used to say, "You have to study hard to be a good graduate." My aunts used to say, "You have to learn household chores to be a good homemaker." My sister used to say, "You have to makeover yourself in a way so that you be a good prospective bride." My friends used to say, "Whatever you do, you have to have a very good career; you have to be a good careerist." Today I'm among the best graduates in country; I'm managing my home on my own; I'm married to the best husband one can ever be; and I'm having continual flights in career. I wonder whether these criteria are enough to be a good woman or are there some more too? .....

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