Marriage bill Uganda

Patricia Lindrio
Posted March 3, 2013 from Uganda

Just the other day i had a heated debate on Facebook about a bill that is now creating uproar here in Uganda. The church is not happy, Men are not happy but Ive never been happier for a step towards victory for women!

To me this will simply mean,

-Equality for spouses in marriage

  • a plus on inheritance for widows and this automatically means children will suffer less after the demise of a father. ( am not trying to be sexist) but women are often left in the cold to fend for families if they are not married at the time of the death of a spouse because families normally take over the property without putting such widows into consideration.

-As a person who strongly advocates for equality,this bill once made law would also complement the already existing domestic violence act, in a country where over 60% of women have been subjected to domestic physical abuse and over 30% suffered from sexual abuse according to research by the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey. The bill I believe therefore intends to protect women and their rights, build stronger families and facilitate peaceful co-existence between women and men.

Women , especially women in Uganda go through a lot especially the rural women because of luck of sensitization of their rights. I pray this bill comes to pass, as we'll see women becoming more empowered and being able to protect themselves. To me the challenge will always be these women actually believing they are entitled, there is a problem of esteem from emotional bullying from spouses that even all the grassroots rights education may not fix. women really need to be empowered now for a stronger tomorrow!

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