Esther Madudu, Ugandan woman nominated for Nobel peace prize.
  • Esther Madudu, Ugandan woman nominated for Nobel peace prize.

I found this story of Nobel price nominee, Esther Madudu very inspiring. A woman who gave up almost everything for her work as a midwife, to save the lives mothers of and their unborn babies.

From humble beginnings it doesn't take much to make the greatest changes in the world. Help me sign this petition for her nomination for the Nobel peace prize for 2015 .

Uganda’s maternal mortality and morbidity rates remain high as a result of inaction in addressing physical, socio-cultural, and financial obstacles to maternal health services. Therefore sacrifices of a single person can have a big impact.

Here is Esther's story!

What a woman! Happy women's day everyone at world pulse, never stop inspiring us.

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What an inspiring and amazing woman. Thank you for introducing me to Esther and her compassionate work.

They have moved the page and so you might want to edit the link in your post. The new url is:

Thank you for signing and putting up a correct link, i didn't check twice before posting the story. i will the next time. :)

Kind Regards, Patsy.