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Thozama Dwangu
Posted November 3, 2012 from South Africa

About Me: I am a Senior Environmental Health Practioner.I have been working with different communities.I have seen people with bold ideas hiding in closets.Some because of the break down that happened in their pasts and others because of different social impacts.I believe that we are all special in different nt ways. A rational mind is of great impotance.A rational mind is a great mind.It really moves one.Tomorrow is what we can change.A better person is present within you.I have sen peole making a change by taking ownership of their lives,commiting themselves,firstly within.changing their personal behaviours and how to look at life experiences.Just by changing their attitudes,a lot of change happened in their lives.Attitude affects our sense of reasoning.There is always a better you within yourself.

My Passions: Love for peolple,giving out health education,motivate and encourage people uncovering the bold ideas within them,changing the behavioural patterns that hold people from practising and living their dreams

My Challenges: Cultural beliefs and sometimes political structures in the community

My Vision for the Future: Seeing women talking bold and teahing their children about the benefits of good hygiene practices as I know that when we start building this knowledge at early stages of human beings there can be a great change in generations to come.

My Areas of Expertise: Health promotion

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