Deputy Guillermo Mendoza explained that one special congress commission of Bolivia is studying the possibility of punishing rapists of underage children with chemical or surgical castration, as the felony has grown in 120% in the last two years in the country.

Mendoza assured that castration is one of the three options this congress commission is looking at as an option to find a system that will ‘echo in the ears of the offenders so that they think twice before committing such atrocities’.

Death penalty was also considered but discarded as it is not contemplated in the Bolivian Constitution.

The Social Policies Commission of the Lower Chamber pretends to create a debate with all institutions and sectors immersed with the purpose of elaborating a draft of the law project. According to Mendoza the legal initiative would be debated in the future Plurinational Assembly of Bolivia, the equivalent organ for the National Congress according to the new Constitution, that will be conformed after general elections take place on December 6, 2009.

This is the first part of the news that can be found in whole in the following page (Spanish, but can be translated though google):

As this is in Spanish, I have translated the first part of the document so that you can understand what the news is about. This page is from a newspaper in Venezuela, and I am going through all this trouble because the article raised 37 comments from people from all over Latin America, which I want to share with you because they are very interesting. First of all, I want to point out that 100% of the comments are in favor of such a law.

Secondly, I want to let you know that very interestingly, around 60% of the comments have mentioned that the first fellows to be castrated should be Evo Morales from Bolivia, Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua and Correa from Ecuador, as people consider they have raped their constitutions, and these offenses should be punished not only by taking out their testicles but also by cutting off their whole male legacies, as Mrs. Constitution does not have anyone to defend her in any of those countries (textual).

The other 40% are divided between asking that the first to be punished should be the actual president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, a former priest that has been found to have three children with three different women, or Daniel Ortega, who has been accused by his step daughter to have raped her for years since she was 10 and has not been able to get a fair trial because of his political influences.

All bloggers have agreed upon one thing: the need of such a law. And I want to translate some of the comments for you, in a literal way. Here we go:

UNODIOSY3 said: If it is true that they are going to castrate rapists in Bolivia, poor Evo Morales will be the first to have his tangerines cut off… He violated the Bolivian Cosntitution, He violated the treaties with Chile and Peru, He violated the treaties with the USA, He violated the human rights of his opposition people.

Realista said: Killing them is the easy way out… they ought to misfortune their lives… castration and amputation of the hands.

Alex said: Excellent news, and on the way invite the violator of Nicaragua to be the first to apply the measure on.

Anapoima said: Excellent idea, a round of applause for the Bolivian Indians, bravooooooo!

Giovanni Ferri said: Does that include the governors of communist governments, falsely called ‘socialists’ with the purpose of cheating the people and violating constantly and over and over again the constitutions of their countries (i.e. Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc)… casually most of these rapists pertain to ALBA

Caldana said: Excellent news, now Evo cannot invite Daniel Ortega again to Bolivia as he would immediately be submitted to this procedure.

Mir evea said: Very good idea, but it must be accompanied by other elements, like giving them away to inmates hungry for their anus so they are beat up by limpid dicks

Juan Vice said: To rapists and pedophiles, the castration must be physical and not chemical and they should be sent to enforced labor fields for life.

What does the Pulse Wire community think about this issue? I would like to know.


I approve of such penalties for rapists of any age of woman where it is a real castration since this is not sex or love but purely power and domination and suppression. I congratulate Evo Morales for taking steps in the right direction to protect the children of Bolivia.

It is always such a shame that some people fear the Indigenous peoples gaining their rights and say such ugly things as those comments you highlighted. By our always explaining the Truth though, we can help gently educate them and help them see the Indigenous as real people to them. Thank you for always highlighting this issue though I am curious of events in El Salvador too and hope to read more about your life there sometime!


Dear Maria,

I wish I could write more about my country, but there is a reson why I write more about Latin American issues rather than just national ones: I am a citizen of the world and would like to make the world see what is going on politically in South and Central America, as there is a lot of media trying to make people fight against each other here in order to get revenue (political or financial). This is a very important issue I want to point out in my work here, as the so called revolutions in this continent are like a plague, demeaning people's rights to say what they mean by strict censorship, pulling their economies to extremes never known before, and using poor people as weapons to get all the power..

About Evo Morales, I must clarify that he is not the one behind this law project. This comes from the opposition instead, as Guillermo Mendoza is the most respected deputy of the UN party, which is a centered right wing party, in opposition to Morales, who has tagged himself as Marxist Leninist.

One more thing, this article comes from Venezuela, where people are really tired of such a 'revolutionary' government that they cannot fight against because they have been deprived of all laws and services which would let them, for instance, make a conplaint or win an election. In Venezuela all powers belong to only one party: Chavez's party. All efforts to go against him are seen as 'against the revolution' and people who follow him are covered up by the police so they can kill opponents in the name of the revolution and the media cannot openly report on this as they face closing and/or confiscation of their property, when not being attacked by mobs paid by the government but not recognized as such by Chavez.

An anecdote: 'robar' en Spanish means 'to steal' in English and Venezuelans have changed the name 'revolutionary' that Chavez names himself, for 'robolutionary', being an ironic way of mixing robar with revolution. This is to show you how tired people are to be in the hands of the mobs that sow violence and repression in the streets while stealing all public money they can put their hands on. This is what is also reflected in their comments above.

They all feel that Chavez, Morales, Noriega and Correa are representatives of the 'carnivorous' left parties, while Lula DaSilva and Kirshner are part of the 'vegetarian' left parties. They call them 'carnivorous' because they kill their opponents and feed their power with their blood. Scary right? Let me tell you, most people here live scared and the selfcensorship is in high levels as not everyone can leave the country. Remember how many people have left Cuba? Well, as these countries become one-single-party closed, second class democracies, you will see a lot more people trying to get out, and the ones who stay have to remain silent. This does not have anything to do with being indigenous really, because Evo is as Bolivian as any other citizen, right? Or is he better because he is indigenous? I think that making such a big difference between people who 'look' like an indigenous and the ones who don't (Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador have dark people in all social stratta) is very racist. I do not think people against these presidents are against indigenous people, instead, this is what these totalitarian governments would like the world to think.

In sincere friendship,


A Temple is a place where you are welcome to come in peace, always.

I, too, am a citizen of the world and care deeply about events and people around the world and supporting efforts to give dignity and respect to all.

For Latin America, to put it into historical perspective, it is an area where the indigenous people (meaning those who can be said to "own" the land though many do not believe in ownership but rather stewardship of the land) were forced to become basically slaves to greedy groups who care only for themselves. There is no justification for such actions, no nobility or honor, only lust for greed and power.

So, these same people who were turned into powerless 'slaves' are finally becoming able to take back their rightful lands. This is a good thing and can be compared to Apartheid in South Africa where fairness and Justice are being brought back.

As you can imagine, those same groups who only cared for themselves in the first place do not want to lose their fake status as rulers. If you can view it in this light then you will be able to put all their posturing and comments into the proper perspective.

There are a couple of Bolivian woman on here, both chosen to become Pulsewire Correspondents, that shows that silence is not being enforced upon the people. It is beautiful to see them working together as a group here on Pulsewire since it really proves that all people deserve dignity and respect. That working for non-violent solutions is the way to go.

I think it is easy to become confused about things as this same problem is widespread throughout the area so hearing it from many different places might create the impression that it must be true. When you realize that this same thing happened to so many indigenous peoples there you begin to see the amount of work that is needed to correct the problems they face, that it is extremely widespread. The Spanish are some of the main groups involved in this as Cortes is an excellent example of greed overcoming honor in the Americas.

I disagree with your statement that it has nothing to do with being indigenous since I believe that is the main thing. In restoring their rightful lands and their rights to govern themselves and live by their own customs that do not exploit the land, it is restoring Balance to the Earth and helping heal wounds left exposed but untreated for far too long.

Thank you for your sincere friendship, I believe it is our goal here (that I love and keeps me coming back day after day) in working together to help change things for the better. One reason I would love to hear more about your country is so little is heard from the woman there. I am always fascinated by accounts by woman of what their lives are like and how they face their problems. I believe by showing a bit about our countries that we can truly create that "Global" feeling and inspire us to do more for our communities while supporting each other.