Breaking the law can cause a government to be ILLEGAL

Posted June 29, 2009 from El Salvador

People from Honduras are divided. Former president Zelaya was trying to impose a new constitution, got thrown away by the Supreme Court, and the world is trying to make him get back to power so he can get away with it. All nations have said it is wrong to curtail democracy this way. As this situation evolves, we will be witnessing how the world entitles left wing parties to break the law, and get away with it, with the help of the press, who have already – and in an arbitrary manner – given the situation a name: coup. Very harsh name, taking into account that it is not the first time this kind of succession takes place in Latin America. If we go back in time to February 13, 2001 in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, Gonzalo Sanchez De Lozada, right wing, was in power and was highly resisted by the left wing party of Evo Morales who began asking for a salary raise, and then when the police asked for the raise too, Morales sent thousands of young boys and men to steal stores, break windows and take over the vice presidency violently, burning down the building, among others. Through these violent actions, he planted the seed for the next step: throwing the government out. When in October of the same year his followers began rioting for a tax reduction and ended asking for a new constitution, the civil population of La Paz had gone through 9 months of nightmare, with everyday ‘pacific (making dynamite explode along the way)’ marches that clogged the transportation in all streets, several hunger strikes, employees having to walk through the marches to go to work, several outrageous blockages in national roads causing a lack of food in the markets, and a terrible sense of insecurity in everyone. That October people were in terrible harassment. Morales and his party had put the people of La Paz and throughout the country to be truthful, through such an amount of suffering (and famine), that they would accept anything as long as it meant peace for their everyday lives.

That October the rioters were in the streets, violence exerted by the ‘pacific’ poor people and their ever growing petitions – a thirst that could never be quenched – was in its highest point, there was no food on the markets after such a long time blockage of roads, people at home were hungry and afraid of walking in the streets when the mobs began asking the president to resign and forced him to sign a letter giving up his presidency in order to be able to take a plane and leave for the United States and not be killed. In the process, more than fifteen were killed, there were hundreds of wounded people in the streets and the ones who died due to the intervention of the police and the military forces were deemed to be ‘heroes of democracy’. BUT THIS WAS NEVER CALLED A ‘COUP’ BY THE PRESS. Is it correct for the left wing people to kill and frighten people to the point of admitting that the president’s resignation was ok? Why isn’t this called a coup? Why do the rest of the nations admit this kind of savage and violent actions from the poor people that because they are poor are forgiven their violence, and do not call it coup? I know the answer: It is because Sanchez de Lozada was a bad person, a right winger who was rich and wanted to rob the natural resources and sell them to transnational companies. Besides he had been the owner of the ‘cursed laws’: Popular Participation (giving municipalities the right to administer their own resources, now said to be great by Morales), the Pensions Law (still functioning three years after Morales is in power), and the Educational Reform (still resisted, but still functioning). He was really, really bad, right? That is what made everyone break the constitution and tear apart Bolivian laws by accepting this resignation. And Morales got away with it.

Still, in the bottom line, Sanchez was thrown out of the government by the force of one or two or ten thousand poor people that were paid by foreign countries such as Venezuela (at least a million dollars) and philanthropists like George Soros and his countless NGOs (a few hundred million dollars), as well as European NGOs. Still, in reality, IT WAS A COUP.

But If the poor exert violence to throw a government out, it is only fair, and it is not a coup for the press.

I want to state that Honduras people have the right to decide by themselves and NO ONE, right or left wing, should be allowed to break the law. The government of Zelaya was not observing the Honduras law that states that there should be more than 180 days prior to an election in order to have a referendum or any consultation, Zelaya changed the name of it to a ‘popular, not binding consultation’, and did not obey the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter. Besides, once again, what cannot be done by observing the law, is being done by taking the people out to the streets until they get away with the alteration of the law. For this reason, Zelaya’s resignation had to be enforced and the law had to be obeyed. Left parties must learn to play by the rules, as the rules have been made to fit all circumstances. When they intend to change the law to suit their needs, they must be stopped, just as the right wing should also be stopped when they intend to break the law. That is what Responsible Governments are all about: PRESERVING THE LAW and the human rights for everyone, and not letting violence grow.

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