Violence Against Women Must End Now!!!

What have we(women) done to men that they no longer consider us a helpmate that was said by God, but now a slave and a property?When Adam was created,creation was never complete until a woman was crea
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Barely a week after celebrating the 16 days of activism against gender base violence,there seems to be an alarming increased in the rate of murdered,tortured and brutality against women and children i

2010 VOF WEEK 2

I am the seventh among eight children,and can say the most outstanding.I do not say this out of pride but I know God has destined me to bring light to the rest of my family.

manna from heaven

At a tender age of 9yrs when my country knew nothing but war, when my childhood and the childhood of tens of thousand of my peers were been swept away by the sound of bullets, recruitment of child sol