At a tender age of 9yrs when my country knew nothing but war, when my childhood and the childhood of tens of thousand of my peers were been swept away by the sound of bullets, recruitment of child soldiers and the wives of fighters; when women and children were been killed mercilessly, have to die from starvation, or at times left to the mercy of God to survive; that’s when my passion for been a teacher which is a hereditary career died and the passion of been an advocate, a lawyer and a journalist took a hold of me. I still remember seeing the lifeless body of future leaders in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital. Oh what a pity!! What a shame on those government and the so-called liberators. Unfortunately because of my parents fear of me been intimidated by blood-sucking and heartless demons, they discouraged and put a halt to all my child broadcasting activities in school, debates quizzing etc. I still remember my dad telling my teacher Ms Mason” I don’t ever want my you allow my daughter to take part in your programs”. As it is said that no one change what God has destined, I got an invitation why in high school from Facia Harris to always have me as a guest on her program Girl Power “again after some times my dad came down on the decision that Facia and stop me from been on the program. Finally my “promised land” moment came when I was awarded a four years scholarship to study Mass Communication and English. The former minister of Information Rev Laurence Bropleh awarded me that scholarship after I read eloquently his biography on my commencement day. At that moment I came to the realization that God had destined me to bring peace, joy, stability and oneness to the down trodden, the voiceless, hopeless of Liberia, Africa and the world at large. A day when people will live without fear. A day when the “garden of Eden will resurface in our 21st century.

As I have said from the onset of this month online training and exploration, the sky is my limit .Being in a world pulse correspondent is just“manna from heaven” for me. Imagine being with like-minded visionary on line that are willing to support and get totally involved in speaking societal illness, success is sure. If great men like Henry Dunant, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela etc were able to bring change during the hay days of suppression, intimidations etc, I think I can suffer the agony of not been taken serious, but with the full assurance that I must make this world a better place for children, women and just an everyday human.

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Hello Tennen, Thank you for sharing your story of determination and hope in moments when you had every reason to give up. I wish you the best in your work as an advocate and I hope that this forum and training provided through WorldPulse will strengthen and further support your voice. Christine

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Hey Christine,

I just can't believe each minute that I truely have people like you in this world that is ready to support a young lady like've shown me great love that I never though I could get.

once again thanks.



read with interest your challenges. Sharing our perspective is best done in our own words and you do it well. That is your calling to give voice to millions of women around the world who have been rendered 'voiceless' by the prevailing cultural or faith traditions. All empowered women's voices are hope for the future of women 'without voice'. I can't wait for the day when men and women free from oppression can stand up and be acknowledged in their own rights as free citizens of the world and equal in humanity in ALL aspects of life


Dear Tennen,

You have worked very hard to find ways to get your voice heard. That is just wonderful. I hope you get to witness the peace, joy, stability and oneness that you envision.

Keep up the good work!