Hi Genice,

Hope you are ok.. Thanks for being able to help Women Community start a sustainable Solar Business through WorldPulse am also a Member. Please am interested . Am a Kenyan Volunteer in Community Health Work since 1998. Am 50 yrs Old a mother of two teenage children. In my Pulse Wire Journal i would like(YOU) GENICE to log to my Profile in PulseWire and read my Journals.

I had requested Donors/Well wishers to help our poor Community who don't have electricity in the Slums, to get WIND-DRIVEN ELECTRIC GENERATOR. Majority never went to school and they have struggled throughout their life in most cases sleeping hungry. They can't afford Electricty Connection. Immediately you give me that Opportunity i will be able to do business with them to light their houses at a small fee. Am also jobless i volunteered to help the Community in enlightening them in the day to day affairs. They are Computer illiterate and their children.

The grandmothers though some are in their 80s they can start their own Small Business to give them their daily basic needs. mostly Food. They lack so many Basic needs. Toilet. Clean water, Education for their children and Grandchildren etc There are so many cases of young girls as young as 15yrs with children. These Youth i know most of them. So, if i get Wellwishers i would be their foster Mothers. help the young Mothers to get training such as sewing, Computer Classes, knitting Shawls, pullovers, for sale for the upkeep of their children and their families.

Please visit my Pulse Wire Profile. In the Member Directory type TERESA.

Thank you. i hope to see you online soon

GOD bless you