For over 13yrs i have Volunteered, dedicated my life in finding solution for the helpless in my Community.I visit the Sick, the aged, Youth, mostly the Children who are abandoned, orphaned and the defiled cases.

So, i have several cases that i have found solution but, the following are the most recent ones.

Bianca is a disabled girl whose both parents died of the deadly disease HIV/AIDs. She was the only child, four years old. Her aunt was my immediate neighbour. She used to lock her inside in their one roomed house most of the times. Being a Community Volunteer and friendly, people come to me to either borrow relief food from our area Chief or ask for any other assistance. So, Bianca's aunt one day came to me to ask for fare to go see her sister who was admitted and was unconscious in a (Government) Kenyatta National Hospital. That's when i came to know child Bianca. When i visited her she told me her father died and her mother was admitted in hospital.At her age I couldn't believe when she told me that she has been praying and asking GOD to save her mum. I really sympathised with her because i knew her mother's condition. Since that time i became her friend and i visited her often. At times when i was not going anywhere the Aunt would live me with her. When the mother died the aunt told me and she was unable to inform her i couldn't either. It was terrible, later she was informed. She kept quite for sometime she was dumb founded.

On the burial day she insisted she wanted to see her mom remains. When she saw her dead, it was horrible she became so sad. After the funeral, i would visit her often carry her to my house and she would feel loved. When the Aunt came for she would request her to allow her stay longer.

Her is jobless and would not afford to take her to School. Bianca, would ask me to take her to school though also i could not afford. Due to her disability, she was supposed to go to a Special School.

On the Day of the African Child, being a Child Officer, Locational Area Advisory Committee (LAAC) I volunteered organised involved our Area Chief the nearby Primary Schools and i called the Media to cover the 16TH DAY OF THE AFRICAN CHILD CELEBRATIONS. The KENYA BROADCASTING COORPORATION AND K24 arrived and the Occassion was flagged off by the Area Chief. I made sure BIANCA in a Wheel Chair pushed by School Children was Leading in the convoy on the Streets where within our Area. Children with placards (shouting Applauding ) to be given their rights while the MEDIA COVERED. She was so happy. I requested one of the K24 Journalists to highlight Bianca's Case on TV to WELLWISHERS in order for to get funds for her EDUCATION. So, the Journalists by the name Agnes GAKUNGA, I, Bianca and her Aunt went to their room where they live. Agnes asked Bianca's Aunt who has a son (3 yrs old) questions how she managed for their basic needs.

A well wisher was touched by BIANCA's story on TV she called and visited BIANCA's house. She volunteered to introduce her to a BOARDING Special School for the disabled. She was adimtted in Nursery.

Since then life took a dramatic turn for BIANCA. She keeps on singing how she heard other children claiming for their rights. Her case was life on TV and she saw herself on TV so she keeps on asking when AUNT K24 (MEDIA) will come again to show her on TV. She is now happier than ever before. Thanks be to ALMIGHTY GOD. AMEN.


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Dear Teresa,

You have been a blessing to your community in many ways. This story of Bianca is but one powerful example of the benefit of one person taking responsibility to improve the lives of those around her.

Congratulations and keep standing up for children like Bianca.

Your sister,


Jan Askin

Dear Jan,

Thanks so much for your recognition and motivation. You have really made my day on commenting about Bianca. When her Aunt goes to visit her in school she asks her why i didn't go to visit her.

For your information she is not the only one i pay visit and comfort them.

If you would like to know about other disabled children i visit i have kept their photos in case there is a Wellwisher who would volunteer and help them, some cases are so sympathetic They suffer silently thier relatives are jobless the live slums. Food is scarce, Special Schools it is hard to get, retarded children. they need transport and fees.

Am also jobless, i dont have a Computer so i take even three days incase i get cash to visit a private cyber Cafe to browse and check whether there is any Opportunity for my Community.

If you domt mind, you may send me your email.

May GOD bless you. AMEN.



TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

You are a truly amazing person and there are many that could learn from you! I think what you did with Bianca as well as what you do daily are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I wish you well in all that you do!

Sally Smith

hI Slly Smith,

Thanks Sally. I appreciate so much your email.

May GOD give us strength to help do his work. Those who are members of WorldPulse and are able may GOD touch there hearts and do something for our poor Community. Right now most of my poor Community are extremely suffering I watch helplessly as they languish in poverty. i am their voice 'VOICE OF THE VOICELESS.

Once again thanks for your concern.

May GOD bless you and family. AMRN.


TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

Hey Teresa,

Thanks so much for sharing your and Bianca's amazing story with us. The work you do sounds fantastic, to be able to support wonderful girls like Bianca.

xx Ana

Hi Annah

Thanks for your motivation. Thanks for replying my Email. GOD bless you.

Whenever one replies to such a real life experience of the hopeless cases. One feels grateful and motivated at least there is someone somewhere who recognizes my voluntary work. I have so many other desperate cases.

Angela's case would make one cry. She now is only 1yr 5 months she was born with a wound at the back of her spinal cord, paralyzed from the waist and a big head (waterly). She was in inserted a shaft from the head down through the ear, neck to the bladder to drain the water from the Head. Both parents are jobless live in a slum. She is the third daughter of the family. The father did not visit them in hospital. When the father saw the she asked the mother "why have you brought this thing here" they were chased out of their house.

Later on Angela became seriously sick and was admitted in a Government Hospital. I used visit them in hospital the father could not go. When they were discharged from the Hospital the mother did not have even a cent neither did i have money. I tried to talk to the Social Workers pleading with them because of the other children who were left at the mercy of the neighbours they refused. So when i went home we contributed money for food for her poor kids. The mud-made one roomed house rent was not paid (Kenya) Kshs 1,000/=.

Eventually when she came back home the jobless husband could not give them peace. Their first born son who has never had peace in that house because of the fathers beatings. He has slept out of the house on several cases chased away by the father. One day the father dipped and pressed his head in a sewerage outside their house, the mother heard the boy struggling sewerage water bubbling from the nostrils and mouth (in that slum there are no proper sanitation) So sewerage keep on overflowing at their doorsteps. The mother hit the husband hard at the back with an object that is how the poor boy was rescued. His eyes became red. The Mother came to me crying (uncontrolled) I consoled her and went to report the case at the Administrative Office (Chiefs). The husband was summoned to come the next day but he ran away and stayed for a month.

Now that Angela is disabled I went to a Government Office and i presented her case. I was asked to take her and the mother. The Government Officer when she saw helpless Angela. She took action after (3) three months. The Officer called me on my mobile and informed me that Angelas Mother will be paid (Kenya) Kshs. 1,500 inorder to start a small business selling a few potatoes, onions and khales cabbages to her neighbours. I was told to be supervising how she is doing. But frankly speaking, they are six in that family, 4 going to school except Angela. House rent, food etc. It is not enough. The Husband has gone for months now, poor Abigail is all alone struggling with her kids. But now at least there is peace in the house and the boy whose father has been chasing him away is now settled at home. Whenever he was chased away, he would go to the streets become a street boy for months eating from the dustbins while the mother and the neighbours would look for him desperately no where to be seen. He would then come back on his own. The boy one day told his mother if only he could get proper education he would help his mother and would never help his dad.

I introduced Angela to a disabled program physiotherapy where she goes for check-ups every friday and a Nutrition program. Volunteering in our area has so many challenges. It is good to give the hopeless hope and show them love. Its GODs work at least am happy when i see the hopeless smiling when we meet.

Thanks and may GOD bless you Annah.


TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING