Posted December 10, 2012 from Kenya

Am a Volunteer Community Social Worker in my Community. A Gender Based Violence (GBV)Member in our Constituency.

Last Monday 19th Nov. at 7,00pm.A girl child 2yrs and 10 months was brought defiled bleeding from her private parts. I called an MSF Ambulance it didn'nt take long so, Defilement cases and Domestic Violence Cases are the order of the day we usually call the MSF FRONTIERS which has helped us over the years for treatment victims. I volunteered to accompany the defiled girl to the MSF CLINIC for treatment since she had no relatives around those who had brought her were well wishers.

When the Doctor examined her he found the poor girl was in a serious condition and she was to undergo an operation so the Doctor referred as to the NAIROBI WOMEN Hospital.

When the parents realized their only daughter was nowhere to be seen they went searching for their daughter at the Administration Office (Chiefs Office). They were informed their daughter was brought by good Samaritans when they found her crying lying helplessly surrounded by young kids who said they don't know her. It seemed the one who defiled her took her there because she could not neither sit down nor stand up or walk. When I sweet talked her and requested her while I accompanied her to Hospital in the AMBULANCE , to inform me who did that to her. She told me it was Brian who had come to their house and had promised to go and buy her sweets.

The Parents were given my Mobile. No.they called me and I assured them their daughter is in safe hands, they requested me to wait for them so they came at 10pm only to find their only daughter disturbed and worried and in great pain. The Doctor informed them it was serious so she had to be taken to Theatre the following day for Operation. The child Elizabeth, they call her LIZA, their only child.

I informed the Parents what LIZA told me about Brian.

The next day she was taken to Theatre operated on and the parents called me to inform me.

They found who BRIAN was and was arrested and taken to Police Station. The parents informed me and I went, saw Brian, but Brian could not admit he did it. He spent some days in Cell but he was released according to her DAD who called to inform me.

The young DAD is a Casual Laborer and can not afford to file the case.

JUSTICE!!! JUSTICE!!! for the marginalized will it ever be done.

Being a member of GBV EMBAKASI we succssfully;

On 26th NOVEMBER 2012 WE joined the l LAUNCHING of the SIXTEEN DAYS OF ACTIVISM WITH THE OTHERS AT UHURU PARK. The DISABLED missed their December 3rd EVENT no one to assist them to make the EVENT successful, I coordinate a Disabled Group.

ON 28TH NOVEMBER 2012 - went to a SLUM known as MUKURU KWA REUBEN joined other GBVs Members to sensitize the COMMUNITY.

ON 6TH DECEMBER 2012 we;

*COMMEMORATED THE MONTREAL UNIVERSITY MASSACRE OF 14 STUDENTS we lighted candles to mark the occasion, unfortunately we do not have VIDEO CAMERA, A MOBILE PHONE with a CAMERA, even our own COMPUTER, I visit PRIVATE CYBER CAFES to type.

  • The last Month Killings of KENYANS POLICE at BARAGOI

On 10th December, 2012 we created AWARENESS at GENDER DESK. VENUE will be at MAMA LUCY KIBAKI HOSPITAL. I called 5 GENDER BASED VIOLENCE survivors who narrated their real Life stories they have undergone with their children to mark the end of THE 16 DAYS OF GENDER BASED VIOLENCE WORLDWIDE

On 5th December, 2012 We had planned to visit a REHABILITATION CENTRE at RUAI whereby Youth Drug Addicts Alcoholics spend some months in that Rehabilitation when they go back to their families reformed. But the Event failed due to lack of funds.

  • We had planned to talk on;

    • HIV
    • HEALTH AND NUTRITION TALK but up to date no WELL WISHERS have responded.

Those are the challenges we are facing.



Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012

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  • Violeta
    Dec 12, 2012
    Dec 12, 2012

    Dear Teresa, The stories of abuse, violence, and rape I've read about in some of these posts are devastating to say the least, especially when a young child is involved. However, I also read about fighters like you, who do everything in their power to stop the violence and to make this world a better place for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. I hope the child recovers and that the perpetrator is brought to some kind of justice at some point.

    In solidarity,


    Dec 15, 2012
    Dec 15, 2012

    I appreciate so much violeta for your response about the defiled girl.

    Another incident happened on 10th December 2012.

    At around 9.00pm, I was called to accompany the Area Administration Police to a scene whereby a girl Child was abandoned by unknown person. Those who came to report live in that Apartment where the girl Child was left wrapped in a leso. The child looked manulrished.

    It is quite a distance from the Administration Police post where I live and it was late and we did not have a Vehicle to take us there so we had to walk. After we arrived we found the girl Child.

    The Police asked me to carry the Child so I carried the Child back to their Office. We hired a taxi because it was already at 10.00pm to take us to a Childrens' Protection Unit, it is next to a Police Post. The Authority concerned after recording the statement asked me to go back with the Child, since there was no one to take care of the infant.

    I went back with the child who kept on waking me at night, I had milk so I boiled the milk and gave her.

    The following day I bought Diapers changed her, wiped her with a small piece of cloth and wrapped her. I then gave her some weetabix and milk the way she ate you could tell she enjoyed.

    I then took her to the Authority concerned and they took her to a Childrens Home. There are so many cases of children abandonment due to poverty.

    It is the order of the day for Domestic related cases that i come across solve in my Community.

  • Portlandia
    Dec 17, 2012
    Dec 17, 2012

    Wow Teresa, A very powerful piece to illustrate what it sounds like you see on a regular basis. Thank God for strong women such as yourself who are there to help and be the voice of others who do not have this opportunity and ability to speak out. I commend you and your work and I wish you strength as you continue on this quest to stop this violence in your country. I will spread the word and let others know what you and your organization are doing to correct things in Kenya. It sounds like you have many great successes and I believe there will be many more to come. Love to you, Lynn

  • Tamarack Verrall
    Apr 04, 2014
    Apr 04, 2014

    Dear Teresa,

    The information that you are sending out is so very important. We have learned in very small bits and pieces on the regular news stations of many very young girls being sexually assaulted, but the information that you provide gives us what we need to find ways here to send your message forward and hopefully provide international support toward change. In addition to everything else you are doing, you have become a news reporter, sending news that we have needed to know. The more we connect this way, the stronger we all are. With so few resources you are accomplishing so much. That you were able to find energy to remember the women who were killed in the Montreal Massacre, is amazing to me, and I thank you for that. I will not forget all you have told us, and will find ways to be of support as well.

    With Love in Sisterhood,


    Apr 10, 2014
    Apr 10, 2014

    Dear Madam Tam,

    I really appreciates the way you motivated me by replying my email, the kind words. The way you put into consideration of my struggle to Internet Access in order to be the Voice of my poor Community. I have so many desperate cases that i meet day to day on my daily activity of my suffering people.

    Today, I had called/invited the NACADA Government Organization Officials who were appointed in my Njiru District, Nairobi County, to come educate/Awareness on Drugs Abuse/addicts in one of the Secondary School in my Community The School in known as OUTER RING PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL. So I had talked/planned to a Life Style Teacher in that School.

    I then alerted the Area Assistant Chief and another Area Elder.He opened the Forum So, it was so much educating, the NACADA officials gave a talk on Drugs Abuse, preventive measures, One of the Officials have a REHABILITATION she had brought those youths that have reformed, so they also demonstrated on how their life was before and now they have reformed.

    I also thanked visitors, Students, the Teacher for allowing and agreeing to listen to our Talks.

    There were photos, we had hired a photographer and so when he brings them. GOD willing i will scan e -maii you and see how it was.

    Thanks see you online

    May GOD bless you,