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While on my visits to the needy, I was with another Person. A teenage person was coming towards us crying bitterly and loudly, that his life was useless and he would commit suicide. so I stopped and I tried to talk to the Teenager. He was stammering, so I asked him to fall me. He narrated to me that he was coming from Hospital he was told there were no drugs ARVs. He narrated his story as follows; He told me his name is Simon.

While Simon was going to borrow a Text Book from a schoolmate in order to do his Homework at around 7.30pm. He was confronted by two men, they asked him to direct them to Dandora Catholic Church but before he talked other two men emerged. They grabbed him, they were near a bridge they dragged him down beside the river. When he tried to resist, they hit him on a stone and his front teeth came out. They then undressed him and sodomised him throughout the night the four of them in turns until the rectum would be seen protruding out. He crawled up the bridge naked, passersby stopped to look at but left. A woman neighbor when she saw him, she sympathised with him and carried him with a leso. She took him to his sisters house where he used to live with. When the sister saw him, she got in the house and came out with Simon's clothes and threw to him. She chased him out of her house!

Poor Simon was helpless, hopeless and nowhere to go. He crawled with his belongings and went to be living on the corridors of their neighbors. He later after sometime visited a Doctor he was tested and he was diagonised HIV+ . Since then, life became a nightmare for Simon. He was put on ARVs. The time I met him, he was coming from the Hospital and ARVs were out of stock so Simon was crying because he could not afford, at the same time he was hungry and he had no one to give him food. So, when he narrated his life experience to me, I talked to one of my colleague in the Volunteer Community Social Work. She refered me to a Catholic Sister. She sent her assistant to me to direct her to Simon's place. We found him he narrated his experience/nightmare