Posted January 30, 2016 from Kenya


I come from Kenya, at the grassroots. I was born in a family of four in the Rural Area, My mum separated . We were left with my grandmother while mum went to be employed as an Ayah house girl in a whitemans resident in Nairobi. GOD almighty who works in mysteriuos ways the whiteman agreed to pay for my secondary school education Form 1-4. His Job contract expired and he went back home Great Britain, Nottingham Bowen Street. Since then I have never heard of him. If it were not for him the Secondary Education no one would have paid. I would like to know of his Whereabouts i would love to meet him thank him for making my life bearable.

Being a Catholic Volunteer in Community Social Work For years. Am a commissioner of Catholic Justice and Peace. every Thursday the Fr. In Charge Bought Food for the most vulnerable elderly i mobilized and distributed. On Wednesdays all the Vulnerables. , I have a great passion of assisting the Vulnerable Elderly, Disabled, Orphans Women and Girls on Gender Based Violence. Whenever Government Relief food is brought in the Chiefs Office being a Chiefs Elder I assist in mobilizing and distributing.

Challenges Women face are Education Employment, Gender Based Violence Some actions am taking to change the Community is to share my visions for change through World Pulse.The Actions Education for Girls Women, Disabled Income Generating Activity. No one

Sewing, knitting Machines Computers, Trainings.

The World should know that Disabled people with special needs suffer most, Majority mothers are single if they get special Schools, to take their Special Kids, Diapers. Most Mothers leave them alone in a single room locked -risky others because of stigma they hide them. In search for their basic needs wash other peoples clothes.they get as little as Ksha. 200. Please ltets join hands to assist them in whichever way.

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