I thank GOD for my Community. The dreams i have for myself and my Community as their Leader  I may be able to get a Project whereby I will be able to have Computers to train Women & girls to join others in the digital World of Networking, Business etc.. also Income Generating Activity ie sewing^knitting machines,Salon Kits and   for girls and women school dropoutsMy Community tells me that they enjoy my company in that am Social, loving, kind-hearted, considerate, no discrimination whenever we meet or visit me I smile they smile back.

Having such qualities at the grassroots whereby the poor looks for anyone to listen to their needs makes it easier to cooperate. One enjoys so much everyones company without Discrimination.

The Computers skills are the ones  am most proud of, I would use them to have the Project of helping  others become Computer literates do business online Networking etc. as I have mentioned above.

Places that inspires me is the Church where I consult the Priest on my needy issues. I  consult him because hie is loving kind and willing to assist. Also the Private CyberCafes I visit to go an browse World Pulse emails inoder to find out whether there are opportunities, Resource for my Community and I.  

The resource I would use to help Com[uter illiterate Women and Girls and Income Generating as mentioned above.

Atttached is a photo of a few Disabled People with special needs taking lunch after a  PEACE Seminar I had organized sponsored by FIDA KENYA whereby they learned about the people with  Disability Rights i,e Education, Employment, Marriage etc