God Is The Answer

Cathy Russell
Posted November 28, 2017
God Is The Answer
Keep your Faith, Hope and Trust in God. Be A Voice to help impact millions and millions of life's.

What a dark cloud it could be, when you love a man, who is your husband for 26,years, and it become realization that he never cared for you and never loved you back. He never cared about your feelings your emotional or physical well-being. He was never your protector or your provider. But left the door open for strangers, family members and friends to abuse and disrespect you.

Then you finally find freedom from his domestic abuse, and you turn to your family for emotional and financial support, and in return to have the doors slammed shut in your face. Your family abandon you, criticize you for being in an abusive marriage for 26 years, they neglects you, and have no empathy or emotional understanding about yours needs. All they care about use what you can do for them and they are heartless toward your hurtful feelings.

Then you have a emotional breakdown, while facing your fear that you never had no-one to love you, you have always being alone, your really have one and that is one of the reason why you stayed in a toxic and poisonous abuse marriage for years, the dreadful fear of being alone and not knowing the unknown. But God is the answer. He provides you with the love, protection, security, courage and strength that you need. God is the answer to all my prayers. He comforters me, Bless me to turn my visions into reality and Inspires me to be courageous and strong.

Through my trailer and tribulations, He is blessings me with the Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust to be a blessing to others, and a Heaven full of blessings to me. I thank God fore such a great charity and all the millions of life’s I am impacting and changing through my gifts and blessing from God to reach such an enormous multitude all across the world Keep your Faith, Hope and Trust in God and reap the benefits and rewards from His blessings. Because God is the answer to all prayers, visions, hopes, financial freedom and dreams. God is opening doors for you beyond your wildest dreams. Thank God for the Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust.

Cathy P Russet

This post was submitted in response to After #MeToo: Stories of Change.

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