About Me: Amongst the rice fields and Buddhist temples of Central Thailand I was born and raised. My calling in life is The Buddha Garden Website, which is my main outlet as a female Buddhist, and is like a child to me. What most concerns me is the rapid pace of change in the world and how that will be transforming Thai culture, as well as the consequences it will have on Buddhism in the world. I think that there are so many lessons that can be learned from the Dharma, even though it is over 2,500 years old, that can be applied today. In fact, meditation techniques taught by the Buddha are being used in prisons around the world to help the inmates deal with incarceration. I think that if prisoners are able to overcome self-defeating habits, then those of us with free will can certainly change our karma.

My Passions: Thai culture, Buddhism

My Challenges: Losing "just 10 pounds"

My Vision for the Future: More understanding between cultures and religion

My Areas of Expertise: Buddhism, Thai culture

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Hello there Everyone:

I would invite all women who are Buddhists to please let me know what your thoughts are on what it means to be a Buddhist woman.

I was born and raised in Thailand, and I know that my Buddhist faith has helped me deal with so many of the difficulties encountered in growing up there. The traffic, the noise, the pollution, and the fact opportunities for women are not as good as they are in the US (where I now live).

Now that I am a mother, Buddhism has given me a good background on how I should raise my children so that they value themselves and others. Having a Buddhist background is kind of like having an internal "super nanny."

But I would like to hear your opinions. What does Buddhism mean to you as a woman?

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