She too, is Human

Posted December 6, 2013 from India

She is more than a body, she is a flaming soul.. she has a heart pounding deep in her, she is not a shallow shoal..

Beyond the brightness of the pink, there is so much more than we can think..

She does things out of love for us, yet, we treat her like our slave.. we abuse her, misuse her, we hit her and call us brave?

She gives us the world, this life, but we forget her in our strife..

We desire for her body, we make love to her.. all she asks of us is our heart, but even that we can’t offer..

She is strong and not stupid to take our bait, She loves us but is not incapable of hate..

We think we don’t need her, without her we can survive.. we couldn’t be more wrong, She perishes and we’ll cease to thrive..

Give her what you have, give her all the pain.. kill her but remember, She won’t die in vain..

She lays her life for you, and you question her existence.. oh I’ll tell you who she is, and destroy your pretence..

She is the one you rape and kill, She is the one you drop and spill.. She is a girl, she is a woman, but before that, she too, is human.

(Written by Ashay Abbhi for the Red Elephant Foundation as part of the 16 Days Activism against VAW)

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