As you know, the DRC has been the victim of many atrocities and even its population was losing hope saying that impunity had become common in their country, its said that the situation can not be change again. But as Congolese, I can say that our President JOSEPH KABILA KABANGE has made explois.

Forty Congolese soldiers , including five officers accused of sexual violence in Minova, Kalehe territory , South Kivu , were tried in public hearings Wednesday, November 20 through operational military court in the room Catholic Cathedral of Virunga , Goma , North Kivu. Public prosecutor pursues them for war crimes , murder and looting.

The hearing of the day was mainly devoted to the identification of the accused , said the first president of operational military court , Colonel Mokako . After identifying all the accused , Colonel Mokako suspended the trial for about 15 hours. The next hearing is scheduled for December 4. The officers charged in this case are free to move , while ranking soldiers have been sent to prison Munzenze . Some victims and their family members took part in the trial . At least one hundred and twenty to six women were raped in late November in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the UN revealed in December . She had indexed Congolese soldiers face when they fled the advancing rebels M23 near Goma. Last October, MONUSCO had lamented the lack of prosecution judiciaires against perpetrators of sexual violences , asking the Congolese authorities to " fulfill their obligations under international law and Congolese law ."

We are delighted to see that justice do the best to gain confidence of its people. we ask our authorities to go through until justice is done.


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Dear Tiffany ! I thank you to see that you spend your time reading my post. Our pleasure is to see that finally the gouvernement decide to honor us. Women in Drc would like to see justice done. In Drc, most Of time a person can be In the prison and tonight you can see or hear him In other bad things In town or In the village. Or after one month, he is out of thé prison. That attitude deceive us so much. We wont the change, only change !

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)