My Passions: social justice, disarming corruption and the reduction of poverty, ALL people making their own choices

My Vision for the Future: to see Paupa New Guinea free from corruption, violience, to see ALL people have opportunites in politics, money, civil society, the guarantee of transparency in all areas of life & life without threat or harm. People choosing & making their own life

My Areas of Expertise: Community development, teaching, empowerment, advocacy, fighting social justice

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Welcome to our global community! We are so pleased to have you join us and add your voice to ours!

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts, stories, and solutions. I am sure all of us on PulseWire have much to learn from you and your experiences. Can I ask why Paupa New Guinea is a specific area of interest for you?

If you have any questions or need help navigating PulseWire, please feel free to ask.

Best wishes, Sydney

I was just curious what drew you to Paupa New Guinea because your flag indicates Australia and you mentioned China. It is a very interesting combination of countries!

yes well i am Australian and right now I'm in China. Some times our best lessons and training are in places where would have never thought or seen coming. i do what i can with the people in front of me at the time.

Welcome to the WorldPulse forum.

We cannot expect which part of the world impact us most. It is interesting. This is a forum for learning and sharing too.

I hope to read more of you stories from the community you are teaching.

In firendship Amei