Reducing gender discrimnation and violence against women are global phenomena as old as human history.women's rights are the freedom and entitilement of women ,women vulnerability of the Ghanaian women is an incontestable fact despite the ratification by Ghana government and international standards which sanction gender discrimination and inequality among such standards are universal declaration of human rights,UDHR,the international convention on ecnomic and soical welfare of women rights refers to freedom and entitlement of women and girls of all ages ,we are appealing to international bodies to differentiat from broader notions of human rights TROKOSI SHRINE; trokosi shrine in the volta region of Ghana is still going on this came to a light after week of undercover mission to some of the shrines , where the practices is still "cherished " in some part of the Volta region.some of the areas are Asitor Atama shrine at Ave-Dzalele in the Akatsi North District and Mafi-Wute shrine at Mafi in the Adidome municipality,among others,women and young girls in some of these shrines are still suffering from abusive cultural practices which are very cruel to their human rights and socialtal development,Trokosi is a ritual servitude where traditional religious shrines take human beings ,usually young virgins girls,in payment for servicator in religious atonement for alleged misdeeds of a family member.these girls hairs are shaved and can only boast of a pieces of cloth to cover their nakeness, with some threads of leaves around their necks and legs,in a typical old traditional style which depicts some amount of disgrace to human rights and modern tradition, these girls are made to go to farm as early as 5:30am each morning without any foot wear and on empty stomachs and work on the farm of their masters, as well as do their demeaning works that their masters deem fit;men around the shrines who works with masters takes advantage of the vulnerability of these girls impregnate them thereby depriving them of their potentials in life.these girls are deprived of education and social and intellectual development,as they serve masters to atone for crimes allgedly committed by their relatives.Their terms of service depends on the negetiation and condition that brought them to the shrine,if there is no intervention from international human rights groups to help fight gender issues. Gender inbalance premeates every fact of Ghanaian society and comes in several forms such as discriminatory practices and violence against women and female children which the most acute form of gender inequality in Ghana are in the forms of harmful traditional cultural practices are in our communities include female genital mutilation, child marriages ,ritualistic widowhood practices cult prostitution, sexual freedom for husbands ,family preferences for for sons instead of girls lack of participation in public decision making,rape,battery traffiking of women and girls the way out of gender discrimnation is women's empowerment.This involves the strengthening of the individual and collective abilities of women for positive action. women's empowerment will lead to a balanced partnership of both sexes.This would involve the generation of awareness on the fallacies of gender biases as acts of injustice.This has to be done through all the agents socialization starting from the family to the community to schools,churches mosques and governments,other than that we will not see sustainable progress unless we fix failures in gender systems and society's so that girls and women enjoy equal access to hinformation and services,,education,employment and political positions.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .

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Thank you for sharing this information with us. Your story is very touching and it is sad to see what is happening and thank you for notifying us with this situation. Best of luck to you and God Bless.

Kind Regards, Bina Patel hc Mediate, LLC

Am happy you understand what is going on in our communities and how women are being abuse,together we will fight for women rights so that women can be accepted to take part in decision making because without women there will be no re procreation.

Thank you tillymama4

You have educated us about these forms of gender discrimination that go on. It is so sad to learn of the extent that peple will abuse others for some misplaced belief or tradition. Through the work of activists like you this activity will become shunned by everyone and the girls and woman that are abused will take back their power.

Thank you!


It is my duty as a woman to educate and enlighten women who have lost their value one way or other because bad tradition to come to the realization how women are important in society,because without women there would be no creation thank you so much for appreciating my story.

Thank You