Hello Everyone, I'm so pleased we have this group to continue our connections and reflections. I am loving receiving all of your posts again. This application process has given me much more than I had anticipated and I will take your loving passionate energy with me whatever the outcome. As many people have already stated. In the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure it matters anymore if we go through to the next stage or not at this point in time. What we have created here together is an astounding example of what can be done when diverse people come together with one goal in mind: to change the world one tiny corner of it at a time. It has been amazing to see the breadth of experience and diversity here. From women aged 22 to 66, from Africa to Bolivia, from experienced journalists, new journalists fresh out of college, writers, not for profit workers and women who are writing in English as a second or even third language! Wow! All of us came here to positively impact ourselves, our families, our communities or the world - and working together, inspiring and informing each other like this - has made all of our dreams seem that much more possible. To all of us and what we can create together. Cheers! Tina

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today i came to check my mails nad here was the announcement my heart seemed to jump at first then i was at peace i read the announcement and i felt that was ok. the fact that i was not selected did not scare me because i knwe they did what was right and i believe in everything we do here God is involved. i take this chance to congratulate all my sisters and mothers that were selected and we are here to work with you people and as fore me am here to stay. the rest of us there is so much for us to enjoy to share and to learn. lets keep the fire burning

More than who moves forward and who does not, is the spirit of this group that has educated us, inspired us and motivated us in ways I had not anticipated. You are all citizen journalists by the very nature of posting about the issues that you confront and that your community faces every day. I have been so moved by all your posts and regret that time did not permit me to respond to all of them. You have created an incredible community of friendship and support, and I hope that you will continue to connect on the topics that touch your lives. Best wishes to everyone and thank you for allowing me to share in your journey.

And a big round of applause for you Maria. I'm so pleased you got through. You deserve it. I can't wait. Much Love Tina

Dear Tina, I am so excited and eagerly waiting to start our journey together. Lets start our journaey together. Thank you With Love and regards Sunita basnet

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet