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The conference was convened by Urgent Action Fund – Africa in partnership with the Government of Malawi and The African women’s movement. The theme of the conference was “Powering the African Dream” and launched UAF-Africa’s four year initiative intended to establish a movement of visionary, innovative, creative and high impact women’s leadership that is able to transform Africa’s development agenda.

The conference took place at the Bingu Conference Centre in Lilongwe, Malawi from the 9th to 11th September 2013. And saw over 250 delegates from across Africa representing different groups on Africa development, feminist leadership for social justice and decision-making and leadership.

The conference deliberated on selected topics which were researched and presented in plenary, closed sessions and side events. These included:

  1. ‘The African Moment’: a critical and feminist analysis of the social, economic, and political state of Africa including progress and opportunities and its challenges;

  2. The African Union vision for Africa;

  3. Leadership redefined in the context of Africa’s development needs to determine the type of leadership Africa needs for its transformation. Under this theme, other topics will be discussed including: Leadership role in the management of Africa’s natural and human resources, Women’s leadership, Youth leadership, Lessons from Private Sector leadership, Leadership in the Women’s Movement, the role of media in support of Africa’s transformation;

  4. African values with a focus on ethics in leadership; the place of African cultures and traditions in governance and management.

Thanks to World Pulse- I was able to attend the conference as a delegate from World Pulse with UAF-Africa catering for my travel and accommodation.

You can find the conference overview here 

The conference was so inspiring and empowering. I heard from women who nurtured their dreams and through persistence and perseverance attained their dreams and impacted their world, women like Olubanke King Akerele, Nyaradzi Gumbonzvanda and Elizabeth Lwanga. I had the opportunity to network and make new friends. Generally I liked almost all the sessions but the session that really got to me was the session on “Sectoral Leadership: African Young Women Leadership presented by Nyaradzi Gumbonzvanda and Dr. James Mwangi’s presentation on Justice and Women.

Basically there is need for gender policy reforms so as to give equal opportunities to women as there are for men, As a continent we need to avail finances to women so as to enable their dreams and there is still a greater need to educate the girl child.

Definitely my dream will come to pass too.Most of the people who spoke had dreams sparked by the injustice or the lack in their community and it came to pass.And i have a dream,to see girls getting an education and prospering in malawi and this dream will materialise and improve our economy and affect Africa in general.

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hey Tina this was an exceptional experience indeed.i really learned a lot as well from the phenomenal African women who have been walking this road for this long and making their voices heard against all odds .but most importantly i am glad to have met other young women from all over the continent who are passionate about women's human rights and who also strife to be leaders of today and future in their respective countries.But most importantly i appreciate the chance to have met you.i learned so much from u and enjoyed spending time with u.

Liemiso Koetlisi Women and Law in Southern Africa -Lesotho

Congratulations on your successful participation in the event and thank you for sharing the very inspiring details of your experience. It's nice to see that African women are taking giant strides by the day and making a difference on the continent. I look forward to hearing more success stories about the outcomes from the gathering particularly with the launching of Urgent Action Fund – Africa.

Best wishes, Greengirl

Thank you Nakiti,i hope this is the beggining of the many gatherings for me to attend too.

@Liemiso,glad to hear from you girl friend.It was nice meeting you too.Hope Lesotho is fine.

Green girl,very true-i hope that theinitiatives launch will live to their purpose.

Congratulations Tina! I am glad you got to experience so much, and especially to connect with so many women throughout the African continent. I hope this furthers you and your visions!