the woman hero of my life.

Posted March 8, 2011 from Switzerland

I would like to honour the heroin of my life-Euphrasia Nyazenga Mutetwa my own biological mother. She stays in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. Maried to a retired teacher Cyril Mutetwa. When I was still a young girl my mum would work hard in the fields to produce enough food for our food and to sell extra for our pocket money at school. I am the 6th child in the family and it was not easy for my mum to raise 6 children

My mum worked so hard so that we grew well and healthy and that we went to very good high schools and Univeristies. Apart from the burdan of raising 6 children she took upon herself to conserve the mountainous forest sorrounding her so that peple would not cut down trees. N ow we are still sorrounded by beautiful natural trees that always remind us of our childhood. We still can go and collect mushrooms from the forest. Thanks to her heroism and courage.

International Women's Day 2011: A Call for Heroes

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