Feedback session on the DWEEP and planning session for 2016 activities. 

Deaf Women are faced with numerous social ills on a day to day basis, largely due to unemployment, illiteracy levels and various other factors which impacts on their daily livelihood. Data from around the world shows that increased education is associated with the empowerment of women (Malhotra, Pande, and Grown 2003). Educated and empowered women are more effective at improving their own well-being and that of their family. They are better equipped to extract the most benefit from existing services and opportunities and to generate alternative opportunities, roles, and support structures if opportunities are available at their disposal. These empowering effects of women’s education are manifested in a variety of ways, including increased income-earning potential, ability to bargain for resources within the household, and control over their own destiny and full participation in their communities.

The main objective of the Deaf Women Economic Emancipation Program (DWEEP) is to empower unemployed Deaf women and young women who aspire into becoming social entrepreneurs in the craft that they are passionate of and to create an environment that will enable self employment initiative programmes. To also appoint mentors who will be mentoring Deaf women on a quarterly basis.

The ultimate goal of our program is to have sustainable and progressive economic programmes that would empower deaf women notwithstanding the fact that able bodied Women will partake in this program, to encourage and promote inclusivity in our communities. These programmes would only be sustainable if there is a strong point of reference or information center that will serve as a center of reference especially when an immediate assistance is required. Furthermore, we want to empower women with tools of leadership and economic emancipation. This program has a 5 year life span (27 September 2014 to 27 September 2019).



Public and Private Sector is invited. 

Mentors of DWEEP. 

Women in Business Sector. 

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la promotion de la femme est l'une des activités primordiales dans la société. c'est pourquoi toute catégorie de femmes (handicapée, sourds,veuves, doit avoir une autonomisation.

merci beaucoup pour cette journée du 29 octobre pour célebrer la journée pour l'émancipation  économique des femmes sourdes.

Odette Iranga 

coordinatrice de l'asbl"Peuples Sans Voix" RDcongo

This is great, thanks for the opportunity.

How do we register please?

Deaf women are part of the women empowerment programmes that we run and we consider every opportunity to learn or acquire something new that will contribute to their wellbeing as a precious gift.


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