In the middle of a beautiful parade ,things fell apart and the centre could not hold ... Mixed feelings ,much anxiety and fat fear. Maybe you watched it , read the story or heard a reported version from a colleague or friend "Eight killed and over twenty injured as Nigeria celebrates her 50th independence from the colonial rule of United Kingdom."

The fact is that innocent Nigerians were killed by a car bomb blast during the Nigeria@50 event and fellow Nigerians have allegedly claimed responsibility.

I want to know, why dogs must eat dogs? Maybe fellow Nigerians can help me or can I get the answer(s) from the big family? My heart goes to the victims of circumstance, who probably woke up reciting the national pledge:

I pledge to Nigeria my country To be faithful, loyal and honest To serve Nigeria with ALL my strength To DEFEND her UNITY And uphold her honour and glory So help me God.Amen.

May their gentle souls rest in peace(Amen) These victims are my 2010 heroes.