My philosophy of life is “Do unto others what you want them to do to you” Growing up for me was full of emotional experiences, I cried a lot and it was mistaken for a weak personality. However, the “weakness” helped me to develop my inner being, my spirit longed for help and I knew surprisingly that I can only get help from a higher personality, because anyone in my position couldn’t have helped me. Through ceaseless prayers that best describe my sorrows and wishes I finally re-discover, did I just say rediscover? I meant finally discovered myself. I realized how much of people’s unpleasant comments I had allowed to steal me.

I was living before this time to please everybody in order to get their good-natured remarks. I will like to mention that not all good ideas or projects get celebrated at a glance but a steadfast spirit celebrates such lonely ideas and it bears much fruits. Taking back the wisdom of feminine to me is taking my life back, which I did. I cried when I felt like crying but never folded my body in my little room corner again wishing I wasn’t born. I began to dream, I mean dream big, too big to share with uncertain individuals, people that had taken advantage of me and rejoiced in my hurting emotions. Everybody could tell when I was hurt, the tears just kept flowing probably because I expected more than life was presenting to me. I noticed my offenders felt accomplished-Why me I often asked.

People tried very hard to deflate my balloon of dreams and hope, my immediate family members were not left out. I know they may feel I haven’t forgiven them if they come across this article but the truth is, they are not only forgiven but accepted. I have decided to be an agent of change and I started on this mission after I had discovered myself. When I felt unloved I would go on hugging spray, searching for the unloved in the society and giving them the message of love and hope. I initiated friendship with people I was sure could not repay my kindness. Whenever I finished my assignment of giving and sharing, like a dove the people go, not a trace of them again.

I began to feel sad again when I needed such succor at some point; sincerely no one was close to being there for me. I realized I have some strength that was unavailable to girls and women of my age. My peers began to call me super woman; the timid girl has suddenly become a superwoman.

I have made a vow to love myself no matter what the challenges are and to love life too. I have to be alive for my change to come .From the bottom of my heart I want to further my education in fields like human right law, child psychology and to also increase my business investment. I have an inner will to provide for the less privileged, especially to provide formal education because this forms the bedrock of employment opportunities and safety. If my community and the entire world can get basic education up to secondary or tertiary level and some vocational skills that TOCSS Foundation seeks to provide, the world will have less crime and fuller lives. Women will be at peace to dream and our change will come when we realize our dreams.

In addition, I have a vision and mission to expose gender based violence, its nature, extent and consequences through public enlightenment programmes like” Down to Earth “and ” Life N Purpose”To be heard is to be seen , not everyone can come to Nigeria where I work but so many will see Nigeria from my voice and help when and where it is necessary . I would love to be a voice of our correspondence because my voice on the team will help the people, especially Nigerian women and the girl-child to get freedom from gender based violence and sufferings.

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Hello Your writing reads like a beautiful poem! Despite the strength that we as women have, outside forces as well as forces inside our minds and bodies can many times convince us otherwise. With so much trouble in our lives and the world, it can be so difficult to remain positive or even standing at all. You have incredible strength and you have encouraged me to stay strong as well. Thank you so much! best, Cheyenne

Dear Temidayo,

I am so happy to read that you stayed true to yourself and discovered your capacity for kindness and strength. Despite the criticisms of others, you have become a strong, determined woman! In this manner, I relate to your experiences, because I often felt "weak" and overly emotional. Luckily, I have found that this facet of my personality is actually a gift and a source of strength, and it enables me to relate and open up to others.

I agree that education is very important, it opens many doors and empowers others to create change. I love that your ideas are clearly stated and concrete, outlining them so distinctly will help you to achieve them more fully.

Best of luck, I look forward to reading more from you!


You have proven that being emotional is not a sign of weakness, but a gift of compassion and empathy. Despite all the negative experiences you've had, you have chosen a path of kindness. I think you are a courageous and strong person. I love that you decided to mentor others even though --or maybe because-- you never received any mentoring yourself. Congratulations on running your business and on helping so many girls and women. Your helping presence is needed and wanted in this world! Keep up the great work.

Warmest regards and a big hug,


Thanks Amy for your kind comment. I never received any form of mentoring, but I discovered a toolkit in my spiritual affiliation(my bible). I believe so much in mentoring programmes and many of my mentees are doing well in the higher institutions and vocational centres. Together with you, this world will become a better place.

Regards Temidayo


Thank you for telling us your personal story. The strength and sense of purpose that drove you to make positive changes in your life are inspirational.


Thanks amymorros for your warm comment. Reading your comment , I feel like I'm making impact in my generation because that is why I was born. Once again thank you. Regards Temidayo