A real woman is the one that save a life

Posted April 29, 2013 from Nigeria

Nothing can be compared to a burning passion, it keeps burning and seeking opportunities to explore. This passion is what I have for journalism,as I regard it as first love. Gradually,the love became more than writing stories but making an impact with the pen in my community. This sharpened my vision and mission in life, which gave a. Meaning purpose to life and became endeared to create change in my community. My vision,"using pen to defend the voiceless women,to educate women and girls about their undeniable rights and murder the cultural practice that belittle women, has its source in my experience as a girl. Having experienced child abuse and rape, witnessing women violence and hearing stories of women violence, I won't have wished for something else to do in my community than provide support for the girl-child. Today, I view helping the every girl child in my community grow with the awareness of who she really is and why she must seen herself as a must, something if I don't do, the creator might not forgive me. To achieve this dream,I want to build a team called the girl's movement, it will be spread across the rural areas, classes will be organised to educate girls and the girls will also be given power to influence others and be team leaders in their community. This burning passion can be more ignited as a future correspondent. With a global training platform like future voice correspondent, I believe I can bring the sufferings and stories of many to the world. Help contribute meaningful ideas and development to the world pulse. Being a Future voice correspondent will be the best medium to develop my journalistic skills and nuture my hope of being impactful to the world.

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