Uterine prolapse-fallen womb

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Posted April 23, 2011 from Nepal

I was too shy and lived with prolapse hiding from all, even my husband-shared manalaxmi of arghakhanchi. It was a teaching learning process in Paropakar maternity and Womens hospital where I was assigned to teach patients about the uterine prolapse. Manalaxmi spoke about the hard times she went through whole 25 years of her life until she seek medical help. At the age of sixty she was feeling like new born being thankful to recent hysterectomy. Her dealings with misery of prolapsed uterus touched every ones heart. She has six children and with each successive pregnancy her uterine muscles loosened causing her womb to fall slightly. This even got aggravated as she continued her heavy working schedule., fetching water, cut and collect firewood, fodder etc. she felt something is coming down and out of vagina, but she did not tell anyone due to shyness. The only health post in her place takes almost a day to reach and she never visited hospital in any pregnancies. Prolong exposure of uterus in unsterile medium and continuous friction while working cause a severe infection when she finally decided to conquer over her shyness and pain. she gathered courage to tell it ,moreover she was in a severe infectious condition so her husband had to take her to hospital when it come to life and death. Mana laxmi’s story is a protagonist example of many other women who are still living with various degrees of uterine prolapse, many are in condition that they need immediate surgery and many who seek medical help only when it is too late. According to 2006 demographic and health survey some 600000 women are in this condition and 200,000 are in need of immediate corrective surgery. Uterine prolapse or falling of womb can be due to resuming heavy works soon after child birth, lack of birth spacing ,improper delivery technique, home delivery without skilled birth attendants . It is a true pity that our health facilities are still limited in cities. The fact, We are mountainous and developing country and are still not being able to give access of basic needs in many areas and so do the healthcare facilities. .My hospital working experience says, Not only women in rural area are suffering of prolapse but women in city areas are too, especially with low economic background are much reluctant to go hospitals and moreover our culture and tradition also seems to interfere health of women. In many places they don’t allow mother to have good food and hygienic place after the child birth and many treat Menstruation as disease or something bad and untouchable. Mothers are those who take enormous pain to give birth a child, a boon to continue generation .so they are special and great .But many mothers are suffering prolapse after their continuous effort rendering fetus in their womb for long 9 months and giving birth. We definitely cannot blind eye many NGO and INGOs efforts like organizing health and awareness campaigns. These awareness campaigns have been really helpful to some extent to aware and encourage people.’ let maternity not be a bad experience. No women deserves to suffer prolapse like me’ says manalaxmi. she started sharing her knowledge and educating people .It’s just a mere step toward a good cause. She believes If we all start taking same steps it will definitely bring CHANGE.

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