Today I put a much thought to my mind about something. My sister always told me not to waste my ink and paper over writing scraps of things from the books that I’ve read. Instead she told me to make use of my time and what little English that I know of to write a review of every book I’ve read. I thought about it a great deal and finally came to the conclusion that she is right! Even though my English is poor and doesn’t match anywhere near hers which is profoundly good and amazing, maybe I could improve my poor English at least to meet the good English standard. Although she says my writings are getting better and matured, I still need to practice big deal and then only I can flourish in the subject and may be it could assist me in my career one day because nothing is perfect that to have an excellent English in this country. Also I was reading an all time favorite book of mine, ‘the diary of Anne Frank’ just to pass my time and also understand with feelings about the matter of the book more deeply. It surprised me that I was again so interested in that book; I was able to finish it in two days. My sister in law even teased me that I was reading the book over and over again which seems like a hundredth time. But what can I say; one cannot prevent a reader to stop reading one’s favorite book whether it be a million times or more. Well to be honest, whenever, I read this particular book I feel like writing and realize that I’m not in the least one the physical type and I can also use my mind as my greatest asset. I thought about beginning with this book as it happened to be my favorite. But first I wanted to make clear on the precise motivation to start these paragraphs. Well the main reason to start reading this book again was as usual my interest at the word ‘holocaust’. This subject has a great impact on me, which I don’t know the reason why and I don’t have the least idea how, I sometimes think may be it’s my conscience that is too sensitive in matter that have least importance in my life. I always want to escape from my world and leap into the other so that I could find solace or maybe I am just interested in European history more than I should be. Again I don’t have the slightest notion why. I searched in the internet about Anne Frank, and I found more stories of Jews who survived one of the greatest and terrible histories of the world. Frankly I would be frightened to hear such stories from other events other than holocaust. I would be scared to hear stories of African war between Tootsie and Hotooh because it doesn’t seem that far away from time. I would have nightmare if I hear stories of Afghanistan and the cruelty of Taliban people in that country. I would grow frustrated hearing about Maoist and their evil deeds even now. I feel like those things could happen again and may be happening in the world in some part. Though holocaust tops from all the horrible events of the history, I somehow feel safe thinking that it was long time ago and such terrible fate can never touch my life and of my family. I feel like we could only try not to make such mistakes again. What could a girl from my country do anything about it? Anyways dropping the most frustrating subject in the world, let’s go back to where I was. Like I said, I found and read numbers of stories of Jew people whose fate didn’t turn them down. Some survived from the very concentration camp, some went into hiding, many were just little children when they had to get parted from their parents or watch them get murdered by the Gestapo. Almost all of them lost their family. I feel like they are the bravest people living on earth. With such grief in their life, how they must have moved on. They must have been immensely bold to have live through such torment. Most of them are alive and their main goal is to tell the world about what they have been through. One of them was saying in an interview that how the world can be so evil and how the Satan himself could disguise himself as humans and cause most awful turmoil in the world. They wanted to say to the world that there were such times and it did really happen and want to prevent it from happening again by just spreading their stories no matter how painful it is for them to recall everything of their despair.

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I am glad that you listened to your sister! I can see your beautiful writing here! i think what ur sister told, helped you a lot!!

go on :)


Nilima from Nepal

Dear Nilima, thank you for reading my journals and sorry i didn't notice this reply back then..I appreciate your encouragement. with lots of love from my side as well Tripti

Hello and thank you for writing this. The Diary of Anne Frank is a powerful book. The former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, spent 27 years in prison between 1963 and 1990 and he said that one of the books that helped him get through the sadness was to read The Diary of Anne Frank. That is amazing!

I also hope that you will find time to read a book called 'The Hiding Place' by Corrie Ten Boom. She was a woman from the Netherlands and she also helped Jewish people during the Holocaust. She was even arrested for this, but she was a very powerful woman. I know you would also like that book.

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from today i live out of my imagination i am more than my yesterday tomorrow i plant a new seed nothing that lies behind easy nothing that is ahead real my within is all i have today Napo Masheane

Thank you for reading this.. It's good to know about Nelson Mandela reading this book..She is one inspiration and him too...I will read 'The hiding Place'...i will search for it tomorrow...thank you for suggesting it... Take care Tripti