"Division of states according to ethnicity in Nepal could inflame unwanted war"

Posted March 15, 2012 from Nepal

Being as weak a skeptic spectator of the politics as I am who wouldn’t understand the subject even if someone gave me a full day lecture (probably ‘cos I’d be half asleep from its beginning!), but sometimes I hear things; things that I can actually comprehend. So yes, I’ve been seeing and hearing our people going on and on about polarizing Nepal into different ethnic states. Well if anybody is interested in what I think about this issue, here is what I think; ‘I think this is the most ridiculous decision that any politician can make’. What I mean to say is that it would be like inviting unnecessary problems to the already tensed country. From what I can recall and from what I little know about history, every war that had happened in any country was because of religion and ethnicity. It’s all either political, or geo political or of religion. We can either learn from history or ignore it. I don’t know about politicians but my parents always taught me to learn from others mistakes. Unless we want to really get our hands dirty with such hatred, we seriously should not in any way support this notion. This is how I understand it.

Caste has always been an epitome of livelihood in our country. Despite being so, we have moved on from some of the needless religious activities that once bond us through caste. Though we may be divided according to our caste, we have always acted as one single race. The dream of being Kathmandu as a 'Newar" state, Pokhara as 'Chettri' or any other place as a caste state, is nothing but a load of crap. We can develop our country being as one (Nepali)! They do not need to motivate us by involving us in this instrument of political game. (Can I assume it has something to do with power?) Even if they did divide our country into caste state, the question is will it play fair? For example, they can declare Kathmandu as Newar state or Chettri or Bhrahmin or Limbu or Rai or who ever, and grant other commercialized and non-commercialized districts to a certain caste, but what if there comes a time when people question that why this certain caste got the developed state (even if it’s delusional) and other caste didn’t. You see, war evolves from mere questions and this is the exact reason people develop hatred among people. Of course I can point out dozens of other examples depicting why this can go wrong.There are majority of wise people among us but the minority of stupid people also reside among us too. Those stupid people will somehow create havoc in years to come if Nepal is divided into ethnic zones. May be there is a plausible reason to all of this.

May be Nepal can be developed from this decision but the weight of uncertainty is profoundly great. However, we should also point out that Nepal can develop ‘without‘it too. Of course there is a question of how fast? (Remember Rome was not built in a day. Slowly or rapidly, Nepal will see the glory) But like I said the weight of (let’s say) negative impact is not to be taken lightly. If I had the ability to see into the future, (while this decision follows) I would be coming back with my hands on my mouth in shock. Well that is what I alone think anyways.

We can sometimes see their intention as trying to lead us into a communist powered country, if not, the essence of it at least. Well if Nepal was a communist country, they would arrest me for saying this ‘I am not very fond of communism’ whether it’s pure or not. And I said it because it was that easy for me to say ‘I hate politics’. If Karl Marx or Mao Zedong was in front of me asking for my opinion then I would say ‘No no. Communism in Nepal, no goodd’’ (in chinese accent) (Not offending our Chinese friends though…Just for the sake of proving a point). And I would expect him to accept this reply from me with a simple ‘hai!’ like all communist soldiers do so well to their commanding officers. No! We, Nepalese people are far too open for communism or any idea related to communism (Maoism, or Prachandaism or whichever). We need, breathe and seek freedom. Tying us with such government would be like taking away our source of oxygen slowly. We would suffocate. Let Nepal be a democratic country and leave the subject to that.

Not one ruler of this country ever succeeded in taking that much control over this country’s citizens and the question shall arise; do we need to be that controlled? Certainly there should be discipline, rules and regulations otherwise any country would be uncontainable. In other words, we will all be acting like wild animals with the slogan on our heads saying ‘strong will win and the weak will not exist’ but the intensity of control that communism will bring would be too much for Nepal. Discipline is inarguably very important but the funny part is that ‘religion’, (yes! the one that had spread chaos in many countries) the same religion binds us to that discipline, Ironic isn’t it? We have too many gods and goddesses to hold us back from performing any atrocities to our fellow human beings. (With the thought of those killed in a decade long Maoists insurgency at the back of my head!) As for now as I believe sadly or fortunately, (I don’t know which ones best) the only being that has to look out from human atrocities today are chickens, male buffalos, goats and other edible animals. The point is, inhumane or not! Let’s leave the country be limited to this act. (Some animal activist would want to kick my ass for saying this). Believe me, no Nepalese deliberately wants to put Nepal in that ’14 countries that should not be visited’ list. That’s how other countries intentionally or unintentionally ended up being there. You know, UN didn’t just declare Nepal to be a peaceful country out of a whim (not today of course). It’s because people like us live here. We cannot imagine harming our own people in the name of religion. We accept every religion which ever caste we may be of. We may even accept an alien religion if we have to until and unless it doesn’t include hating other religions.

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  • Yvette Warren
    Apr 27, 2015
    Apr 27, 2015

    I am so sorry for the devastation caused by the earthquake in your country, Tripti. I hope you are safe and well.

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