Woke up this morning to an email from a colleague. She wanted a bunch of us to know that the World Cup is not only entertaining, frustrating, challenging, fun, and everything a sports event was meant to be, she also wanted us to know that it's extraordinary in another way.

South Africa is no longer a contender in the World Cup. Neither is the US, for that matter. Funny thing though, South Africans also woke up to an email in their business emails today and the theme was what can we do to continue to make this World Cup remarkable. How can we make our visitors more comfortable? How can we continue to participate?

If ever there was a living example of the Spirit of Generosity, this email is it! How can I make you better at what you do? How can I help out another person to excel, to succeed, to transform?

Click here to see the SA email: www.kelleengriffin.com/griffins-blog

Oh, and for my American colleagues, before you finish your Wheaties America, what can you do today in the spirit of generosity? Let's join our friends in South Africa and give someone a hand today, help 'em out, help 'em up, and pass it on.

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