My main challenge is keeping the momentum going and not talking myself out of blogging. It’s a challenge of the mind; it’s the challenge of self belief. Yes I have concerns about privacy, because I believe that I cannot truly be me. I know I can be whoever I choose to be, create a whole new persona, but at times I wish that I could just let the whole world know who really is behind the blog.

The fact that I cannot truly be free to be is what I believe kills the momentum for me. Yes I have difficulties when it comes to even get my voice heard; I mean have you seen how many blogs there are out there? It’s difficult to get your unique voice to be part of the voice that world should pay attention to.

Then sometimes I go off look at other blogs for inspiration and I end up even less motivated because I end up second guessing who I am. I end up thinking that my voice does not even matter. I think, I'm not even eloquent, I cannot write in a poetic manner or as convincing as the next blogger. At that point I just give up. I just become a total wreck and what started off with good intentions just falls apart, which may explain why I only have 4 entries in my blog.

It may be that I’m not sure yet what I want to blog mainly about….I definitely just do not want to generalize in my blog, I want it to have an underlying theme.

As you can see my mental thoughts is the biggest barrier to my own blog. The battle is in the mind.

I also have technical difficulties, but I believe if I could get over these mental barriers I would be able top overcome these as there is a lot of help on the web, including a group right here on pulse wire that is dedicated to assisting people like me in this technical area.

I will not lie to myself the challenges I have presented will not get fixed over night but I have started working on self belief and confidence and just focusing and believing that what I have to write about also matters. I will take and put into practice what I preach when I tell fellow pulse users to keep on writing because they never know who may be reading and they also never know whom they may be encouraging.

I almost even gave up this week on the pulse wire challenge but something told me to just push on and that is what I will continue to do with my blog. When I have those days that I am completely stomped for what to write I will dare to comment on other bloggers to make my voice heard on pertinent issues that are dear to me.

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Thank you for sharing this week. I am glad that you have not given on the challenge or on blogging. It is clear that you like to put a lot of thought into what you write and I'm sure that reflects in your blogging. I wouldn't worry too much about how your blogs compare to others'...I'm sure you are harder on yourself than on anyone else...and you might be surprised at just how well your blogs read to others who may be just starting out...

Keep it up.


Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Ive never looked at it from that perspective, that is me being "thoughtful". I guess i just write what's in my heart. I apprecaite your compliment.

You are right as human beinags we tend to be hardest on ourselves and i know im no exception. People say i am a hard person to please :o)

Thanks again and cant wait to read your journals too.