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It was not business as usual in the Musemwa and Makindu Village in Sinyereri Location, Trans-nzoia county in Kenya. For the first time, mothers had an opportunity to share their memories together. It was fun and pomp and they engaged in sports and round table discussions.

Through TYSA, the mothers organized themselves, hired tent and invited guests to come and enlighten them on ' Self reliance' Ms Anastasia was invited to facilitate this session. She works with Kenya Wildlife Services and has rich experience in working with community groups mobilizing them to take advantage of the locally available resources and opportunities.

One of the mothers' group has initiated a project of making local ' Food Hot Basket". This basket can keep food hot for whole day. This is helping mothers to prepare food for their children early and go to do other jobs in the farms.' We are very excited by this innovation. We are now able to do our other work without having to come back home to cook for our children and husbands' Mary ( Chair lady)

TYSA has been at the forefront of supporting mothers' initiative in the village. We hope this new initiative will go along way to support welfare of mothers. For your continued support visit and donate