Re: Invitation to participate in the TYSA Wasichana Tunaweza Open Football Tournament 2011 I am writing to you on behalf of Trans-nzoia Youth Sports Association (TYSA).We are is a leading not for profit Community Based Organization delivering valued based sports programmes. TYSA endeavours to mould a Responsible, Informed and Active citizen by Inspiring and Empowering Young People to develop knowledge, skills and their status by increasingly exposing them to sports, education, training, Reproductive Health and livelihood opportunities. We will be arranging ‘TYSA Wasichana Tunaweza Football Tournament’ for girls on Saturday May 28th 2011. The venue for this tournament will be at the TYSA sport ground in Sinyereri, along Sibanga –Kapsara Road near Sinyereri Primary School. The tournament will attract mostly girls school teams from Trans-nzoia, West Pokot and Marakwet Counties. We are asking teams to confirm their participation by close of business on Tuesday 24th May 2011, thereafter; we shall not accept any new applications. The draw will be done on Wednesday 25th and immediately the fixtures will be communicated on phone to the schools. We have attached the Terms and Conditions of the tournament.

This is our second edition of implementation of the Tournament, the first edition was last December 2010 where teams Kilifi and Lodwar participated - and it is steadily improving and growing, with more teams confirming for the third edition in December. Our focus is on quality - as opposed to quantity. The basic objective here is "empowerment of Girls through sports". Sport is the tool and this year we are expanding this to include girls in secondary schools. The platform provided is then infused with the provision of awareness building on the following: HIV/AIDs , Sexual Reproductive Health and story telling

These thematic areas will be focused through close and candid open forum held during the tournament and facilitated by qualified personnel. All participants (Players) are required to attend the sessions before going to the field to play. We believe you will find this a great opportunity to offer the girls a chance to participate as well as build their resilience on cross –cutting social issues. Should you need further information please contact the undersigned. Yours Sincerely Gichuki Francis

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I love this!! This is so exciting and definitely empowering! It is my vision that one day all girls will have access to sports! I wish you the best of luck in this tournament and I hope you will accomplish more than you had hoped to achieve! Please keep me posted on the progress and outcome of the tournament! Hoda

Dear Hoda, We have 10 girls soccer teams out of the 15 invited now confirmed for the Saturday event! We shall keep you informed and share with you spectacular photos from this event.

We are excited that you are keenly following this event. Catch us live also at facebook/tysa

Warm Regards Gichuki

Geta Secondary School emerged top in the TYSA Wasichana Tunaweza (Girls We Can) Open Soccer tournament played at the TYSA sports ground in Sinyereri over the weekend. Geta beat Kapsara 6 nil, before thrashing Bishop Muge 3 Nil. In the finals Geta beat St. Teresa Sinyereri 3 Nil. 9 secondary schools participated. Read other results attached. Cash award for goals scored within the first and last 7 minutes of the game amounted to Ksh 3000 (US$37). This cash award is to help girl’s access educational needs including sanitary pads. The tournament attracted over 300 girls who participated in the tournament.

Besides football, Sexual Reproductive Health Clinic was organized where girls got information regarding their sexuality. The girls got first hand information from doctor who answered their questions freely and candidly. ‘I asked questions that I could not ask my teachers in school. I asked; why do men shake off their pens after urinating’ a player.

The girls also learnt how to write short stories about their experiences and issues affecting them in the community. This was conducted by Marc of Globalgiving and Ziporah who is coordinating the story telling project in Kenya. TYSA uses storytelling to get feedback from the community and beneficiaries. Over 300 stories were collected. Once analyzed, they will help TYSA tailor its activities towards addressing the issues.

Another activity that was done was a baseline survey on the needs of girls in secondary school where TYSA works. This included structured questions where the girls filled in. once this information is collated, it will also inform TYSA what programs to introduce to address critical issues affecting the girls. Together with the story telling project, a comparative analysis will be done to show the most critical issues.

The tournament was attended by Marc from Globalgiving USA and students from Pittsburg University from the USA.

To support this program, donate at or or visit our website to learn more about our work

Congratulations TYSA for the launch of a successful event!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You're efforts to educate and empower girls is truly inspiring! 300 girls!!! That's incredible!!! Great job! I wish you all the best of luck and support for your future projects! You are truly making a difference :)

Dear Hoda! Warm greetings from TYSA in Kenya. We are excited by your passion for sports! WEe shall keep you posted on the event and its outcome. We shall endeavor to share more on our work.Visit our website for more information on our work. You are most welcome to seek further information about our programs.

Once again thanks for contacting us and will keep intouch!

Warm Regards

Gichuki Francis

Dear Gichuki, 5 more teams to sign up, you can do it!! Thanks for sharing your website and facebook page. I will check them out to keep myself updated :) I know it will be fantastic!!