A girl Completes High School

Posted March 13, 2012 from Kenya

Lynette Makhanu completed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education end of last year. Lynnette was not cowed by her albino nature. She managed to secure a D plain in her examination. She has a big dream of becoming a social worker or secretary. Lynette represents a marginalized group that is struggling for recognition and support. “I have to work hard and making living for myself. I am not going to seat and watch or wait for others to sympathize with me. I am capable of determining my future. Thanks to TYSA who have given me this great opportunity to study” Through TYSA over 150 children access education including children like Lynette. Social life skills that are provided to the children have enabled girls like Lynette to raise their self esteem. Mss Lynette has become a beckon of hope for many more children who safer forms of disabilities. TYSA continues to ensure that Lynette and such other children and youth access education, life kills and livelihood training. It’s March! Do you know what that means? It’s time for GlobalGiving’s first Bonus Day of the year! Starting at 12:00 am EDT on March 14th, GlobalGiving will be matching all donations made through www.globalgiving.org /2161 up to $1,000 per donor at 30%. Globalgiving has $50,000 available in matching funds. Matching will last until funds run out or until 11:59 pm EDT. So, we are encouraging you to make your donation early before the available match funds are over. TYSA depends on monthly donations from our Globalgiving supporters. We count on your donations to help us transform lives of children with disability like Lynette. By donating on www.globalgiving.com/2170 this matching day, you will help us pay school fees for 15 disabled children who are currently on our waiting list for support.

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