Hello members of Leadership group,

I consider myself a  passinonate member and sister of World Pulse who wants to be changemaker in her own communty. I belong to one of the Indigenous Minority groups in Bangladesh. I beleive in soical equality and wants to bring justice for the Indigneous  girls and women who have been facing discrimination and injuctice not only as a girl but also as being an indigenous. I believe in women leadership and contribution in a society to eradicate poverty and cause developement in a community. Indigenous Women in Chittagong Hill Tracts are not much influencial enough to be the decision makers in their own community or village. I beleive that Woman can help woman to unlock their leadership pontentials. In my Marma community girls are not often involved in social works  to maintain communal boundary. The indigenous girls or women are not allowed to stay close to people from Majorty group, there exist a social, religous limitations which impede indigenous girls to be empowered. Ukhengching is now working as a project leader for "Menstruation hygiene" and gathered some indgienous girls who were interested to work for social welfare but unable to involve due to lack of information and collaboration. I am  now  leadeing  "Girls Group" where I am  helping other girl members to contribute their efforts equally to bring a change of other girls who have less access to sanitary napkins and less information on Mentrual hygiene.I want to help others to unlock the leadership potentials through teaching them raising fund, organizing events etc.I  also beleive in social equality I am  now coordinating a Mentorship project which aims to bring solidarity between Indigenous Minority and Bengali Majority group.I want to help other girls to provide them enough information , networking so that they can also link with international community and encourage them to raise their underserved voices. I want to hear the voices of many amazing voices of the sisters around the world, i want to get motivated by your works,by your encouragements and from your shared stories of womanhoood and leadership.

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Dear Ukheng,

Welcome to the Leadership Group! So happy to have you join as a member and share your voice with the community. It sounds like you are very passionate and involved in Bangladesh doing a variety of different things to bring empowerment and change. I look forward to hearing more about your success stories working with Girls Group.

Sincerely, Alyssa Rust 

Nice to hear your voice again and most importantly I really appreciate you introducing  yourself to our group. I am deeply inpired by this statement- "I believe that Woman can help woman to unlock their leadership pontentials".

You are a shining example of a budding determined leader, and I enjoin you to keep updating our group about the highly impressive works that you are doing in your community. How is your Menstrual Hygiene efforts going?

Kudos to you for believing in and supporting disadvantaged women and girls in your community. Our group is learning from you by the day, and please do know that your voice makes this group go round.


Best wishes,


Dear Ukheng,

Oh, so beautiful to see a WorldMerit fellow in Worldpulse. Yes, it is a little world and I am so delighted to read about your passion for social equality and your vision to unlock the leadership potentials in people.

You are welcome to the Leadership group, do enjoy your stay. There are wonderful sisters and brothers with open arms and listening ears here, they are alert to read your stories, interventions and exploits.

What has been your major challenges in coordinating the mentorship project you talked about?

Do have an amazing journey in this hub.

Best regards.


...dust the smoke off the limitless treasures in you.

Dear Ukeng,

I love the photo of you. You are truly a mover, shaker and changemaker. I am glad to know much more about you through this beautifully written piece. Your work to create change for Marma girls and women is so creative and courageous. As part of the change that we are collectively building, injustices toward indigenous peoples is a vital part to be resolved. There are big moves forward this year here in Canada, and I hope to let some of the strong women leaders here know about your work. You have reminded us beautifully of how powerful and inspiring these connections with each other are.

With love,




 This is so inspiring . You all are my strength , please keep me in your blessings so that i can continue my works and contribute to my community.