Welcome to the new members of The Bangladesh Café. It is an amazing space to share your personal experiences, thoughts, and visions for the future of Bangladesh and Bangladeshi people. Therefore, use this space as a collaborative and safe discussion forum for you to share your stories, thoughts, ideas, successes, struggles, suggestions, and emotions surrounding Bangladesh. To make your voice vociferous you are welcome to speak about the issues and obstacles women are facing in your communities as well as in the country, and share the suggestions and solutions of those problems to work together. Moreover, contribute yourself by sharing issues, stories, photos and many other ways you like to discuss about Bangladesh. You can also share information about your organizations and Social contributions. You can follow the questions from the group profile or take assistance of follow the topics to get start,

• Personal experiences as a woman from Bangladesh. • The Challenges for Bangladeshi women. • Microfinance projects and women’s activities. • Case studies of success and challenges • Grass root women’s group • Women related issues or topic that Bangladesh Government need to improve. • Women’s awareness toward their right. • Talk about Bangladesh to the World. • Your vision for the future of Bangladesh. • Special challenges as a woman in Bangladesh. • Women's progressing sectors for women in Bangladesh and the obstacles to this progress. • Your feelings the biggest misconceptions about Bangladesh. • International community’s support to Bangladeshi people • The topics or issues that the international community need to know about Bangladesh • The greatest rewards in your work, and inspiring things that helps you to continue in your work. • Your advices for other women embarking on a similar journey. • Your findings of the greatest hope for Bangladesh and fellow women. • The way to improve the present situation of women in Bangladesh. • Bangladeshi women’s story of success and motivation. • Social stigmas and superstitions against the freedom of Bangladeshi women. • Story of success and overcoming the obstacles.

Add more topics to share your ideas and spread the words. Moreover, invite friends, family and colleagues to join the discussion as well.
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Thanks to Umme for opening this group. As a Bangladeshi I appreciate it. Hope to share my thoughts in this group journel. Keep going!

Regards Nipo


Hi Nipo, Thank you too for joining in this cafe as it is an amazing place to share your thoughts and feelings. Encourage your friends and others to join in this cafe.

Hugs, Umme

Thanks Farona and Sumitra. I lookforward to see your writing in this cafe. Sumitra you can write your experience at AUW and how it changes your life. Best regards Umme Mahbuba