United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB) CU Chapter hosted the Iftar party for UNYSAB Chittagong Wing for the first time on September 2, 2010 in a restaurant at Chittagong.It was a great experience with UNYSAB Chittagong Wing, which was beyond my expectations. UNYSAB is a voluntary youth and student movement for United Nations with an aim to convey the voice of young generation regarding current global issues such as MDG, COP, human rights and development, environment, disarmament, social justice etc. It is an excellent environment for development of organizational and leadership skills, intellectual abilities and research orientation.

Five university chapters like Asian University for Women (AUW) Chapter, Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) Chapter, Premier University Chapter, BGC Trust University Chapter, and Southern University Chapter joined in this program. Although the other university chapters were active and they did many activities, my university, Asian University for Women Chapter attended in the UNYSAB program for the first time. It was really an amazing get together where more than 40 student representatives from these universities chapters were present. The presence of UNYSAB Chittagong wing Director Wasim Newaz, Deputy Director Rahat Alam Chowdhury, the program coordinator Mukarramus Saklan, and all members of UNYSAB makes this gathering more glorious.

In this program what surprised me most is the huge presence of female members. My heart leaps up with joy when I saw out of 40 present members, more than half were women. It was surprising and great news as the party started at 5.00 pm and finished at 8:20 pm and this is the time when most of the women or girls are hardly allow staying outside home, especially in the city like Chittagong. There was a discussion session before the Ifter. In the Speech of Badsha, member of UNYSAB CU Chapter said, UNYSAB is a great platform for creating a strong bondage among the Youth all over the Bangladesh. Noel, the coordinator of UNYSAB IUB chapter said, all University chapters can work jointly to do better something for the society as well as for the youth. I, the coordinator of Asian University for Women (AUW) Chapter talked about the social awareness programs which can remove eve teasing as well as the gender violence from the society. All other universities’ coordinators came to conclusion that youth can play a great role for the society through this organization.

I become more surprised to see that these intelligent female members are doing a great job by supporting the community through community servicing. In the meeting we discuss about many burning social issues in Bangladesh like, eve teasing, street children, gender discrimination, child labor, violence against women and female domestic workers. Everybody shared their ideas, projects and plans to do something for the development of the society. It was an amazing gathering of many intelligent and thriving youths who really want to do something for the betterment of this society. I am really proud and honored to get the opportunity to open a group like this in my university and work as a coordinator of my university chapter. I believe the joining of my university, Asian University for Women, will increase the number of female member in this group and encourage other women to work for the society. Finally, this program was successfully finished after the speech of Director and Deputy Director and at the end all UNYSAB members of Chittagong Wings assured to interact with each other once again. For more information about UNYSAB you can visit http://www.unysab.org/

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Dear Umme,

What an exciting experience... thank you for sharing it with us! As you noted, it's so encouraging to see that many women were participating, allowing discussions to also focus on ending violence against women and gender equality. I'm so happy that you participated and it's inspiring to hear that you're taking such a leadership role in your university and country. I hope that you will continue to report on the work of this group.

In solidarity, Jade

Dear Jade,

It was really an amazing experience for me to see such a great number of female members there! literally, I started to count the numbers of them as I used to see less women participant in almost any type of meeting, workshop and conference etc. We talk about the gender issues and most of the this topic raised by the women participants and the male participants also agree with them which is really a good sign. I am really excited to meet all of them soon as we have already made a lot of plan to go ahead.

Best regards, Umme.

Hey Umme!

I am really proud to be a part of this social work. Thanks a lot umme to share the amazing event with worldpulse family.

Best regards Nipo