Thousands of people were waiting so fervently to have new constitution after having long wait. Those who had not electricity power at that time were listening FM radio. It was quite exciting and sentimental moments for all the Nepali citizens who wanted to have their new constitution in newly reformed country. Clock moved in its own time and way, when the time passed ahead towards 12.00 at mid night of 27th May, everybody took gloomy breath when their long waited dream got sliced as the state declared of dissolving the current constituent assembly and state goes for the new election.

Nepal very small in area-wise is really big and diversified in terms of caste, ethnicity, language, religion and culture. Country was being comforted as the peace process after 10th years Maoist armed conflict was going on though the speed was slower. Now the peace once again went back as our political parties and our leader failed to address people’s wish to get new constitution of democratic republic of Nepal on given time on appropriate and respectful manner.

It was 4th year of constituent assembly, the huge and powerful body of 601 members. They were the centre of people’s hope. 2 years was the given time to make new constituent but they extended every time when the given time was about to be ended. Thus, 2 years moved extra more 2 years but we people still remained empty hand but full of worries and uncertainty.

Lots of hopes were alive till the constituent assembly was there. We women were as happy as new constituent had passed the bills of many important women related issues such as, citizenship by the name of mother and parental property rights. But all those essential issues has now been glaring us from the small hole of dustbin or some important pages has been becoming a means of packaging in many shops. Likewise, many other crucial issues were written and passed by the assembly meeting but at last, all those were gone where those things were before.

Sustainability is affected by many factors. We need gender equity, gender balance, and gender justice, good policy to tackle the climatic change and to save greenery. Similarly, education, rights on own reproductive health, women rights, child rights etcetera. Here, my country’s present situation has taught me a lot and now I say “without stable political situation we cannot even imagine of sustainability.”

At last, I keep hope and I wish that Rio 20 will feel my voice and can deliver all over the world that, ” very first need for sustainable development is each country should have very good political situation otherwise all the efforts get lost and meaningless.”

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Take action! This post was submitted in response to Rio+20: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

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Usha, this is so true. When I read I think of the situation in Maldives. I do hope our leaders do something substantial to bring political stability to our countries.

All the best. I hope so too that Rio hear your voice.

Cheers Amei

Dear Sister

Yes, political stability and strong government are two inseparable components of a strong, sustainable economy. Its really sad that the people of Nepal have gone through so much, and have forced so many changes in recent years, yet their dream of a stable, strong government remains unfulfilled. In fact a stable government doesn't only help that particular country, but contributes to the growth of entire region. So I join you in demanding a strong government in Nepal. That will benefit India and South Asia too!


Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Dearest Usha,

I appreciated reading your unique perspective and powerful story, pointing out the need for peace and political stability before traditional sustainable development goals can even be addressed.

Thank you for participating in our Rio+20 initiative and courageously sharing your voice. Your story and recommendations are en route to Rio de Janeiro with our partners at WEDO, and will be presented at the conference to ensure grassroots women's perspectives are included at the negotiating table. Our editorial team is working on an E-magazine for publication next Wednesday which you will receive in your inbox, highlighting selected pieces from our Rio+20 initiative. We will keep you updated on the outcomes of the conference and how you can stay involved as a vocal leader for your community on these issues.

I encourage you to read the stories of your fellow PulseWire sisters and engage in conversation to share experiences, ideas, and best practices for addressing sustainable development issues in your communities.

In friendship and solidarity, Jade

You are right peace and stability is key for development. Keep your voice loud. Good piece.

Grace Ikirimat "It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

My dear Usha it is well said. Gender justice and fair play brings stability but watch out for dictatorship in the name of stability for sustainability. That could be blackmail.