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Usha K.C.
Posted December 7, 2011 from Nepal

As a journalist maintaining journalism ethics is my first priority. But being a human we can not stop ourselves to help any needy people how we can. Having expectation with visitors/outsiders is common as I feel. If I will be asked by that girl, I try to convince her that I will stronlgy raise her issue in public and I will try to make it to be heard. I will provide information to concerning organizations.But if she is hunger for a day I can help her for a meal . It depend upon the nature of need.

my experience

my interviewee is from grassroot level. When I gave her my and world pulse introduction she became so happy and eager to share her experience. She repeatedly ask me for helping her group, for helping her community. She expected for find out good donor. I said her that ok I will make her story not it the great for you?? she noded her head affirmatively. :))))

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