Dear all, I can feel that all of you are busy to make Op-Ed influencing :) good luck for that! Though my health is not supporting these days, I have made my mind ready for writing my Op-Ed on RESERVATION FOR WOMAN AND DISABLE ON PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. My issue is focused on not implementing the reservation rules. Nobody care for it. Every day I use public transportation and the lines for reservation painted on vehicle’s wall is like new theme to paint instead of any poems, or quotes. My Op-Ed would give the spotlight on making the rules be practiced.

Would appreciate to have your suggestion!

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Dear Sister Usha

I find that idea very, very good. In India it is compulsory to have at least 1/3 of the seats reserved for women and disabled. Unfortunately, our problem is that many times it is not followed. And most of the people who break this rules are young male passengers.

I will suggest that you give importance on creating the rule and also its proper implementation.


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Hi Sissie Usha

You have chosen a very important subject - good luck! Talking/writing about issues helps. It raises awareness. The law is just the law and will not be followed if people's awareness of disbaility is not positively changed. Observance and obedience preceed the law isn't it: to obey is what we learn in school and from our parents, after all!

So perhaps you might think of including a short paragraph about the need to raise awareness, which needs to run side-by-side with the law? Then enforcing the law will not only rest with the police who are, in our modern world, the guardians of the law, but everybody else will take responsibility to enforce the law as well? I say - wouldn't that be a wonderful world?!

It reminds me of an incident in a bus recently.The bus was full. I saw a disabled person standing, hanging onto their stick while the bus was moving about. An able-bodied young man was sitting down in front of the disabled lady, not offering his seat to her. Another man who was also standing next to the disabled lady looked straight at the ablebodied young somebody and said, so that all of us could hear 'Please give your seat to this lady.' What could the young man do but offer up his seat? He was publicly shamed. This is law enforcement in a very positive way!

The other thing that we have used in social awareness raising, is that of asking a 'champion' to speak out publicly for our cause. Perhaps you might know a champion in your community who is either disabled themselves or has a family member who is disabled who might tell a personal story for you to include in your piece? If you make sure you show their famous face (photo), and ask them give you an idea or two about ordinary ways of training the public (like the person on the bus for example).... very effective.....

Another thought just came into my head: Perhaps you might think of writing your article in a futuristic way - a story of how it is in an ideal world when everyone loves everyone and looks out for everyone else (haha!) ..... ('What a Wonderful World' type of thing.....)

Just a few ideas. Good luck!!

Love and hugs from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive. I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well. (A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Please go for it , i think its a good topic to bring to the attention of all that even these people need care and concern by everyone.

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