From a predominantly female children family, the 6th out of 7 children, 5 females and 2 males, several times my father would express regret that I was a female child especially when I performed very well in school, coming among the first three in a class of over 90 students, he would say, “Oh how I wish you were a male child, your performance would have given you a voice, but as most women, you may only be seen, but not heard”. Despite his regrets over my sex, I was determined to be seen and heard, this motivated me to study harder. I determined to study Medicine, although I knew no one in my family, close or extended who was a Doctor at that time. My joy knew no bounds when I received an admission letter into the University to study medicine, but lo and behold, when my father returned from his trip and heard about the admission, he queried “where is the money? I don’t have the funds to sponsor you child beyond secondary school.” My father’s friend gave me the first registration fee in the University, thereafter it was struggle all the way, till I graduated as a doctor after six years training. Over the years, working in communities especially rural communities, as a Community Physician has brought me close to many women and girls who are “wearing the shoes that I wore some years ago as a young girl”, but with determination my story is different today. I have a passion to share my story with such people, so that they can be motivated to hold on to their dreams, no matter the obstacles. I shared my vision of being a motivator and a mentor to girls and women who are discriminated against, violated, oppressed, suppressed or hurting, because of their gender with one of the friends that I met during one of my trips. She is the one who introduced me to voices of our future. According to her, she said “this is a program that will help you fulfill your hearts’ desire, I know you have a lot to share, I encourage to join the pulsewire and VOF.”

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Thank you for sharing your story with us. This is short, sweet, POWERFUL. I admire your strength for sticking to your dreams and can't wait for you to share more of your voice with other girls and women around the world!

Love & light, Lola

Love & blessings,


Dear Uwemedimuk, Thank goodness you didn't let your father define you! Your determination to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor is inspiring. How wonderful for the females you encounter in your travels as a community physician to have such a positive role model. With warm regards, rozjean

Hi Uwemedimuk,

Your story is inspiring, medicine is no easy profession! I am so impressed with your courage and determination, that has lasted so many years in the face of so many struggles. I am glad that you found your way to this forum! I hope that you are able to get involved in a satisfying, rewarding way. Writing about the struggles of being a female doctor, or of studying at such a high level as a woman, would be a great way to engage others out there who are in a similar position. I am sure that you have much to offer women in your field. I hope that you keep writing, I can't wait to read more!

~ eleanor