About Me: I have worked in development sector since 2005 with International, National and local agencies in capacities as varied as program officer, program coordinator, provincial coordinator and manager program. My work experience in various roles and responsibilities facilitated me to augment my understating of developing programmes and strategic planning to strength the vision and mission by providing the enabling environment to achieve the goals of organization. My area of interest focus on human rights, advocacy and research. My work reflects the right based approach integrated in each of the program during designing and implementation as well. My role for fundraising by producing the innovative piece of work in shape of EOI, technical and financial proposals are one of my competencies and area of expertise along with project management. My skills for quality program development is replicated in my work by having Several award winning proposal working with multiple donors such as, USAID, The Asia Foundation, Aurat Foundation, Action Aid, UK Fund, RAF, British Council, UNDP, AUSAID, UNHCR, WFP and DFID etc. I have a proven track record of working under pressure and tough situations with tight and short deadlines, pressures also occurred during the negotiations with stakeholders; however my leadership abilities coupled with dialogue conviction always made me come up with win win situation across the board. Each challenging experience improved my patience, rational and cognitive analytical skills to sharp enough to read the environment and respond accordingly. Monitoring and evaluation for assessing the impact of the intervention is included in my key operation areas, I closely monitor and evaluate the projects to identify the gaps and taking the necessary actions to bridge those identified gaps. My passion to grow in my career with commitment & distinction motivates me to work hard and specialize in the area of project management to give best possible to the organization I work.

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Hello,a very good morning from Quetta Pakistan ,i hope like wise despite the worse situation of human rights here in my country.

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Hi,Fatima thank you for this encouraging and hi spirits treatment to my entry. Sure,we will be sharing a lot on this regard will avail these avenues as maximum as we can.

Good Luck