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NISAA FM – The Women’s Voice – The first commercial radio station for women in the Middle East Background The Palestinian Society is still a traditional one; women have a more limited access to public places and to the labor market than men. Roadblocks, the Separation Wall, and a political divide increase the segregation of women who have less and less connections with the outside world. NISAA FM is a pioneering project in the whole Middle East area. It aims to overcome the lack of information, and offers a platform of greater connectivity, dialogue and information sharing for Palestinian women in their country and abroad. Objectives Radio NISAA FM, the women’s voice, wants to inspire, inform and empower women in the Palestinian territories and beyond. NISAA FM is a new commercial Arabic-language radio station broadcasting worldwide online since December 2009 on www.radionisaa.net and airing on 96.0 FM for West Bank audiences from June 2010. It is also a web site, both in Arabic and English, which complements the radio broadcasts. NISAA FM is managed by women, for and with women. NISAA FM is the leading profitable commercial radio station and web site for Palestinian women. NISAA FM will break even in the course of year three of its existence (2012) and from then on generate profits through advertisements, program sponsoring, syndication of programs, audience participation and other forms of revenues. Activities NISAA FM offers a combination of Arabic and international music, diversified programs and stories which address the needs and interests of urban and rural women of all ages. Programs are aired locally from Ramallah and internationally from its web site, and directed by Mrs. Maysoun Odeh Gangat, an experienced radio manager, founder and director of NISAA Broadcasting Radio Company. The format of NISAA FM is a mix of music and talk, blending entertainment with information. This balanced program enables the station to meet its educational and community-building missions, whilst engaging its audience in an appealing manner. The programming has an inspirational flavour and includes lessons learnt and inspiring stories from regional and international contributors and guests, whilst also focusing on addressing domestic needs and cultural considerations. Output The business has been created to respond to the need for greater connectivity between Palestinian women. Through an interactive and tailored programming NISAA FM enhances the role of women in local media by creating a team of women reporters who source, produce and present news and information. It also addresses the low level of employment amongst Palestinian women through training programs, the creation of jobs, and through highlighting the successes and experiences of women. Impact NISAA FM creates and caters to a community of more than 1.8m Palestinian women across generations, social statuses and geographic distances by interpreting their needs and offering them a platform of cultural and social information and discussion. Partners Smiling Children and NISAA FM are looking for partners, donors or investors to support the business in its first three years of activity. NISAA FM is also looking for advertisers and program sponsors to enhance and diversify its program offer. The Swiss and UK based Foundation Smiling Children covered set up costs of Radio NISAA FM from 2009 onwards, and will support its future development.

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