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I believe in the power of education. And you?

I believe in the power of women as an element of human development, understanding this process broadly, going beyond the school walls, comes in the home, developing all the content in the future to serve the search for technical improvement, training of the individual, and women as a key element in this process.

When building a home with fragile structures, children are the first to suffer the reflection of a choice driven by passion and your chances of intellectual decline against the conflict that his family start living .. We need to cater for families, guiding them, creating learning framework for parents and family to invest in the education process of their children be more responsible and understood.

Expanding the service network and forwarding it to the networks of community resources. The person recognizes when local resources and can enjoy them, learn to get what it is essential and creates bonds of prevention. It is also important to offer the community diverse cultural activities, however, recognized as culture of the people.

Stimulate the local culture, the pleasure in reading the history contações with dolls, books, traditional games. Create alternative activities to school hours, children need to develop their talents, have contact with the beauty and the playful to calm your heart and deal with more ease with the problems that arise in your life.

Education should be so attractive that also involve adults. If parents are attracted to learning, will relate more closely to look after the health of your family members will begin to awaken your creative power and will feel valued in this environment, strengthened for the obstacles of everyday life. It is precisely in the context that there is a need for action to the development of this woman to feel independent and have the strength to get out of jail fear of violence. If she learns, has power and can get solutions for themselves and others.

Learn to deal with its limitations as the keeper of a home, managing their responsibilities towards their survival, and understand how to care for a child, that child can do and what not to do today and why?

Bring the woman to understand the real needs and duties of each element according to their age group. And welcome the family to embrace the local development. You take full responsibility for his back. Awakening to the basic solutions as feeding, cleaning, hygiene, PA awakening importance of schooling and especially the continued appreciation of the affection and respect among its members.

We need to improve the overall quality of care provided to children and women of the world. Strengthened women and children well prepared will be part of less suffering on our planet

The newspaper "The news for those who live" was born in the month of October, the result of a reflective reading course at UFRJ, two teachers, Marilia Gonçalves and Celso Alexandre de Souza Alvear began with residents, former residents and professionals in the community of the City of God.

The newspaper also portray the daily life of the site is concerned to show that there is a lot of talent in the community and people value and use the tool of communication as a major force for local development based on education.