Valéria Barbosa
Posted September 11, 2011 from Brazil

I just arrived at the Hospital Municipal Lourenço Jorge. This is in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mrs. Clementina de Morais Coutinho, a built-in 89 years there will be broken femur in two weeks. This lady is my aunt's brother's wife, who at around 12:00 hours at the Hospital received a call asking her to go talk to your doctor urgently. This was done for us when we get started our dilemma, Auntie Kele, as it is called, was high. In one reported on the link up, there were no clothes for the exit, my sister went to a nearby mall to buy a dress. Upon arrival, pack your aunt and put it in wheelchairs, we provide transportation. It was called a taxi, as he had great difficulty to get in the taxi Auntie Kele because of the recent operation two days, my taxi driver refused to take a taxi on the grounds that it was not appropriate for this type of transport, was absolutely right . In a car of a fireman SAMU seeing our unwillingness to put the patient into the taxi, down from the ambulance, their surgical gloves and pants come in and rescue another firefighter and failed. He returned to his chair groaning. Firefighters were asked to take the stretcher as he was, he tried again he was not authorized. We spent three hours searching for help among friends, with the role of the high hand, Kele aunt in a wheelchair.

Suddenly another elder, looking more than 80 years is brought by her daughter who desejeitadamente a stretcher and is pushed around on our side. The elderly not to mention, in critical condition was being removed from the hospital by a family that would provide another hospital for lack of staff in this hospital.

When we get a friend to deitála a bitch in the back seat, between moans and screams she was in the car I returned by bus with my back hurting so much weight in an attempt to accommodate it.

I remembered the Word Press there and was very sad not being with my camera to illustrate the chaos in public health in Rio de Janeiro.

And to think that the state government of Rio de Janeiro and its City Hall are not realizing a worthy service to one of the weakest parts of the population who are elderly, as will those same hospitals at the time the World Cup.

It is a case for questioning the world, after all any citizen who crashes are directed to those places where today there is only carelessness of human respect.

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