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Valéria Barbosa
Posted December 6, 2011 from Brazil

I waited for this day as to who will search for knowledge. I was quiet with choice of interview.

Upon arrival to the neighborhood and into the local context and noticed all the risk that my interview is subjected daily, heavily armed men along the way.

I know we had the approval to enter the site, I have experienced this situation for years and it was turned page of my day to day.

He had done a project on my performance and even setting out the questions I was not arrested. all were answered and the topic was addressed with great dedication.

I had asked one voice recorder borrowed and did not know how to deal with it, did not save his voice.

What I earned was not getting stuck to the paper and pay attention in the speech of my interview with the person who made me to change the focus of the interview that I had planned to do.

I thought about doing the interview using the profile structure of knowledge arose contrast to the strong desire to quote.

I must learn to deal more with technology, just so I can have more certainty as to have the files preservadosdos my work.

The questions are answered on another day.

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