Great popular festival

Valéria Barbosa
Posted February 19, 2012 from Brazil
Popular culture is Carnival.
Popular culture is Carnival.
Popular culture is Carnival. (1/4)

Dear sisters fighting for a better world.

My country is on pace to party, there is the granting of joy for four days. Are the days of carnival.

The Culture is displayed in each corner.

The rich and the poor are just citizen of cultural pride.

The pains are placed in a corner and the music back to its power to soften the reality and show the popular artist.

The colors step into the alleys, hills, asphalt, as the waters invade the certainty of cultural wealth.

From north to south the joy of my country is told, sung, painted, staged in a big opera called Carnival.

Even if the subject being presented is a problem, the artists of this great show can describe them to the world in a unique way, brejeira, light and beautiful reality of the people is best.

I am proud to know that the Masters that drive this show that is able to report instances of serious social, most like me, were born in the slums

And not ashamed of being born in this place.

Favela is where the samba is light!

It's where you know your neighbor and feel part brother.

Learn to share and foremost protect the oral memory of a people.

People respect each other and bring together the joy

People know that they are to solve problems and do not regret it.

The lament turns soothing, pleasing music to the heart and heal the pain.

Carnival is the portrait of the Brazilian people! Able! Entrepreneur! Proud of their culture!

A people can be happy knowing that all that magnificent work that extends the sambódromos of life, their lives will not change and neither will bring financial gain.

Remain poor financially. Knowledge, wealth of cultural fact, only these people have and can prove to the world at the carnival.

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  • Stella Paul
    Feb 20, 2012
    Feb 20, 2012

    Yes Valeria, I saw the pictures on newspaper and on TV. The Rio carnival is so beautiful and so colorful! I hope one day I can witness it in person. I hope you are enjoying it with your family.

  • Valéria Barbosa
    Feb 20, 2012
    Feb 20, 2012

    No doubt dear friend.

    I love this party! That's when poor communities can show the world the talent of their cultural roots.

    Brazil is a country that has great influence in Africa, we are part of a mongrel country, where Europe is also part of this cultural formation among others. Carnival is the crowning of this great influences.

    The story is of major personalities are thoroughly researched and presented the background and the carnival. With the help of TV technology, this knowledge is spread throughout the country, research to the world.

    I work in social projects for kindergarten, I alio culture, presenting and causing students to create their own art. And present the personalities that make the culture of my country.

    This year the parade of the 1st school to perform in Rio de Janeiro, The Renascer de Jacarepaguá, the theme was the great artist Romero Brito and another samba school was Candido Portinari.

    These two great artists have been studied by child daycare centers I manage.

    When I saw the 1st Samba School in, I cried with happiness. Here was my heart, even though physically I was in my house watching the TV. What I believe. The power of education as a way of transforming life, and respect people, and with its history and talent.